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Setting up a French Ltd Company

Posted by EME-198470 - Created: 13 years ago
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Can anyone point me at a cheap way of doing and running the above? Are there any particular issues for UK nationals who will spend about 2/3rd of their time here? Any better ideas on how to create a business?Many Thanks in Anticipation

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Posted by JMA-196775 - 13 years ago

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The preliminaries of the setting up of a SARL company are:


-         To conclude a commercial lease contract with the owner of the premises or with a business center to serve as the company’s registered office

-         To appoint the executives of the Company -  Gérant

-         To open a bank account and to deposit the capital amount.



Setting up procedure:


-         The signature of a commercial lease contract or a domiciliation contract with a business center

-         The signature of the Articles of Association

-         To file the Articles of Association with the tax office where the company’s registered office is situated

-         To publish a notice containing the company’s main characteristics in a legal gazette




Formalities required for setting up a company are conducted through one single point of contact the Centre de Formailité des Entreprises – CFE, which is in charge of informing:


-         The Commercial Court Clerk’s Office in charge of registering the company

-         The Institut National et des Etudes Economique – INSEE in charge of allocating a line of business code as well as the SIREN (identification number) and the SIRET (premises number) These codes and numbers are required for recruiting staff.

-         The tax and social security authorities



The documentation attached to the registration must be written in French (or translated into French). The documentation to be filed consists of


-         1 registration request form

-         2 original copies of the Articles of Association, mentioning manager’s identity and the auditors name if applicable

-         1 copy of the deed regarding the company’s premises

-         1 copy of the legal gazette containing the company’s characteristics

-         1 extract of the executives’ identity cards or passports

-         1 declaration of non-conviction to be signed by each executive

-         1 certificate stating that the company’s funds have been deposited on a bank account (previously to the signature of the Articles of Association


The time necessary for registering the company is approximately 2 to 3 weeks. In the meantime the company is allowed to start its activity as a company in the course of registration.


Costs about 300 euros for the CFE and the legal notice. For the rest an accountant can set up the company at a cheaper price than a lawyer.


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Posted by Shrek 2-196274 - 13 years ago

there are cheaper ways depending on what business activity you are doing, or whether now you actually need to set up a limited company or trade as a sole trader/agent commercial etc.

Your local French chamber of commerce will be happy to advise and assist you, they can even arrange for you to have a consultation with a  french accountant for 35 Euros....

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Posted by EME-198470 - 13 years ago

Thanks Very MuchI keep getting back to a similar price !!! I really do need something xheaper , oh that it was as easy and cheap as the UK ..

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Posted by wolf-184233 - 13 years ago

The best way is depending on your estimated turnover and your commercial activity. If you want to create a LTD company (SARL) you willl need

- a head office and a rental agreement

- the share capital (at least 1 Euro)

- a list of activities

- draft statutes of incorporation and some other documents

The share capital has to be deposited in a bank account until incorporation (3 weeks).

Costs and fees are about 1500 Euros as a lawyer's assistance is recommended.


Good luck.