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Setting up a stall

Posted by rich-182445 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by rich-182445 - 16 years ago

Thanks for the info Black Cat ... can you set up a pitch on an ad-hoc basis or does it have to be for a set period of time?



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Posted by Black Cat-192495 - 16 years ago

Unofficially on the prom maybe, but as the question concerned market stalls there is (like in the UK and elsewhere) a procedure in France. Market vendors are called "non-sedentaires".To be allocated a spot in a market area the non-sedentaire must be a registered business. For consiumer protection reasons etc, undeclared persons are not allowed to set up in markets and those coppers you see checking papers up and down the market at setup and shutdown are there for that reason. The person must apply to the mairie for permission and be allocated a spot or stall. This is to prevent a zillion people fighting for only half a zillion available places. Several English people have had no trouble getting this permission, the most well-known of which is "Pottie Annie" who, of course, sell pots (not pot!) at several local markets. Depending on the mairie a modest tax or participation fee is demanded to cover security, cleanup costs after closing and electricty for night lighting the stall area, etc...

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Posted by me_2003 - 16 years ago

in the summer just turn up on the prom and start selling...it is no allowed but everyone does it.