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SFr Neuf box - any good?

Posted by HandA-281266 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by HandA-281266 - 7 years ago

Thanks everyone. Problem sorted. One of our phones was overloading the line. Unplug that and the problem goes away. I shall go out and buy a new combined answerphone / wireless handset tomorrow. Speed now an amazing 3.5 Mbps and stay with Free.

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Posted by TomTom-248588 - 7 years ago

we just moved from sfr to free to find a massive improvement in our adsl service...

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 7 years ago

get in touch with Free, when we lost our connection a year or so ago Free sent out a guy by appointment who checked out the lines & told us exactly, to the metre, where the problem was-turnd out FT had disconnected our line in a junction box "accidentally" & given it to some one else! Suspicious to say the least, we just had to wait for FT to hook us up again& all was well-Free support were excellent despite their less than magnificent SAV reputation

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Posted by HandA-281266 - 7 years ago

Thanks for your helpful replies.

I guess the first thing for me to do is to check all the internal wiring, remove extension phones, etc and check the speed again; and then if that does not work to replace the ADSL filter.

If this still does not work, do you know if it is the same as the UK where you contact the Internet Provider (in this case Free) and ask them to arrange for France Telecom to do a line check, or how is it done in France?

Thanks again for your help


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Posted by Depanordique - 7 years ago

If your line is rated at 4mbps, but you only get ~200kbps, then the problem is not your ISP.

As eurokiné says, you'll want to have your installation checked. It could be any number of things, such as bad cables somewhere, an ADSL filter that is broken/not installed properly, water damage or one of those things they used to use for testing the line (but only causes problems these days).

Which is the better ISP? Well, that's not very straightforward to answer, but I'll try:

Orange has the best customer service (including an English speaking hotline), but are more expensive and you get less features and speed compared to Free and SFR. The contract is for at least a year.

SFR's customer service is nothing to write home about, but the Neufbox Classique is actually pretty good, and if you also have mobile service with them, you can get some rebates. Expect to get better speeds than with Orange, but lower than Free. It's generally who I recommend to my customers if they don't want Free or if it's for use in a flat/house that's rented out for vacation. No contract - you can leave whenever you want.

Free offers by far the most features, but their customer support tends to be rated the worst. You'll almost always get the best speed with them. No contract.

Reliability is roughly the same with all of them. Usually, when there's a problem, it's through no fault of theirs, although Orange does seem to have some trouble with their DNS servers fairly often.

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 7 years ago

it may not be Free (who we use & have found very good in antibes) it may be your phone line
so you maybe better off getting the hardwear checked out before going to all the hassle of changing operators only to find you have the same problem