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SFR or Orange?

Posted by apsona-182034 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by berocca - 15 years ago

Hi Paul.I too went through this when i first arrived six months ago. I found that it depended on your requirements. Mine were primarily to send sms overseas and here so orange suited better as it had good compatibility. i also use a prepaid firstly so i can keep track of how much i use and because it isnt mush dearer for sms. And secondly because i was told that i couldnt get a fixed contract until i got my work permit?? i dont know how true this second one is...but lets just say it took me a while to get my work permit so i am glad i didnt wait for it. Finally if you dont speak too much french i can recommend a shop in Nice that does sales in english for all 3 companies so can help you sort out your needs.cheers bec