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Shopping here is hopeless!

Posted by Zingano-186230 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by ZinganoInKievNow - 14 years ago

Absolutely. Fur lined.

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Posted by ZinganoInKievNow - 14 years ago

I posted this in 2003. I'd just moved here and I was probably having a bad day. It's now 2006 and I'm living in Kiev, and suddenly I start getting emails from people dissing me for a misguided posting I made 1000 days ago when I'd just moved to France and couldn't find anything in the shops. (By the way, my French is pretty good, unlike my Russian.)I've made a new AngloInfo login just to ask if people can please not have a go at me three years after the event. It's like being married to you all.(Oh, and if anyone knows where I can send the butler to get some turf in Kiev, drop me a line.)

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Posted by cigales - 14 years ago

It sounds like you should send the servants out.

How can people live here and not be able to find these simple items.

My French is limited and I've found all of these goods.

It's too easy to get on the computer and winge get out there, you might

even meet people and get a life


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Posted by Fatboy-210189 - 14 years ago

.....shopping here is varied - if you want individual shops anything from clothes to design and decoration - you should visit OLD NICE and if you want the traditional 'french-version' high street - Cap 3000 & Nice Etoile and if you want all the same-same luxury goods try rue d'antibes Cannes or Monaco.NB: Habitat owns Ikea and in terms of quality ' you get what you pay for" (c'est la vie!)

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Posted by sygorny - 14 years ago


Saw white zinfandel in Auchan in Grass


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Posted by Sue R-188877 - 14 years ago


Did you find a two dog lead yet?!

I get my doggy stuff from polytrans - you can order on line or ring them up for a catalogue and then order by phone. I prefer that way, the products are displayed better in the catalogue.


Tél. 02 41 92 49 60

They have long leather leads with a clip on each end, and also lots of 'accouples' a sort of doubler that you attach to a normal lead so you can put dogs on the same lead.

I've used this company lots of times and the service is pretty good.

Sue R


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Posted by borme - 14 years ago

I have no complain about the service in shops, except occasionally, but I don't think it is much better in the UK. You usually get good service here if you say bonjour, smile and make some attempt at speaking French ( try to get good service in the UK if you don't speak English).All those items are available. Look in the phone book. Of course it is much more difficult to find things in a foreign country as we are out of our own environment. Plain dressing gowns can be found anywhere and some are very smart. As for the camping stuff, there is a place in a small street off Boulevard Boroglione. Sorry, I can't remember the name. I doubt they know what a 'walking skirt' is. I don't think it is part of the local culture. The French may be great mountainers, but I have never seen one wearing a skirt. Shorts or trousers. Also, you could try Decathlon. As for "good shopping is not France", I really can't agree. It is just wonderful in large cities, especially Paris, and I think Nice and Cannes are not so bad for smaller places. It certainly is very good in London but elsewhere in the UK? I suppose it depends what you are looking for.As for the wine, Cheryl, try Nicolas. They have a good range of foreign wines. It is nice sometimes to have something different and I am pleased to drink the occasional Australian Chardonnay , but with the abundance of good wines here I tend to buy French. The wines from the Var region are very reasonably priced and good.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

Last year, Casino were selling Lost Horizons white wines (South Africa).  I bought a lot of Chardonnay but I think they also had a Zinfandel .. not sure but it might be worth following up.

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Posted by cheryl-180648 - 16 years ago

I agree!  Anyone know where you can buy White Zinfandel wine here?  Developed a taste for it in England, but when I ask here they look at me like I'm mad "but you are in France, best wines etc"  Sorry there are others I prefer!

Please help!


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Posted by kfulwell - 16 years ago

Habitat is generally more expensive than Ikea - but better quality. Also check out Fly (there are a few branches in Nice) which is similar in price and quality.Kate