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Shopping in Italy(sales and good place)

Posted by shopper-185272 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by shopper-185272 - 16 years ago

Thanks for the information! We'll probably go there this Saturday. Does anyone know the name of “main shopping street in SR”, is it the one where the market is?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks again.

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Posted by emma eyden - 16 years ago

COOP in Ventimiglia is good & their own brand is excellent quality, also have a "bio" range of products a quarter of what you pay in rip-off Nice. If you become a member  there's lots of discounts.  There's also an UPIM in the same complex (& lots of good pizzarie in Ventimiglia & its environs).

Vive la France but also Italy for many things!


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Posted by Cassini-187302 - 16 years ago

http://www.coop.it/iper_super/iper_super_Articolo/1,6376,6354,00.html?tipo_lancio=1&subcanale=10&id_categoria=2Try this link to the ipercoop locations. Savona appears to be the nearest. This may be of interest; I have not tried these yet. For food and drinks, the Conad in Latte is very well supplied but always very busy. Its car park is on the side Sealza road. It appears to be first stop for over the border shoppers and sets out its stall to attract them in the alcohol and speciality gastronomic foods departments. It certainly has a much wider range of luxury foods than is found in the more serene Vallecrosia store. Cigarettes are also sold cheaply in the cafe newsagent area. Flowers and plants are also good value.

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Posted by irishman-180738 - 16 years ago

Jan thanks for the tips.

I know that there are Carrefours and Auchans in Italy but there doesn't seem to be one in "our" corner.

http://www.carrefour.it/c4itiper/c4itiper/dovesiamo shows the Carrefours
http://www.auchan.it/puntivendita.asp shows the Auchans.

Conad, GS,  COOP are others - is there another "big one"?

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Posted by Jan-181414 - 16 years ago

I am still looking for a hypermarket(something like Carrefour) but have had no luck as yet. The biggest supermarkets that I have found are just outside San Remo going towards Imperia on the coast road. I found a GS supermarket and a large Conad. To get to them from the A10 take the exit after San Remo for Arme de taggio(splet something like that) drop down to the coast and turn right. GS is on the right. Just past GS, running up the side of this supermarket is another road sign posted to the A10(This road, if you continue joins back onto the road you have come down) take that road and about 500M on the left is a large Conad supermarket. If you continue up the hill there are some furniture shops, but I ran out of time last trip, so did not get to see what they where like. So if you get to look let me know whats there.

For clothing/household in San Remo try Upim. There are two shops, one for household and one for clothing.


Happy New Year to you

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Posted by MSM2000UK-181816 - 16 years ago

Try Coin in San Remo. I drove past it last weekend and there was a 30% off sale on so it may still be running. That shop would be perfect for the kind of thing your looking for. Its on the main shopping street in SR.


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Posted by irishman-180738 - 16 years ago

What about grocery & drinks hyper markets? Are there any within an hour or so of the norder?