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Sick and tired of the Riviera?

Posted by Observer-187573 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by angel-187474 - 17 years ago

Funny how this is one of the most read subject lines.

Another attracting a lot of attention is "Where can you get on-line cheap flights" ... what .... to 'escape' ??

I wonder ... are there genuinely a lot of people who relate to the subject line (for numerous and varied reasons) ... or like Rosbif, were simply stunned that anyone could be so afflicted - and just had to take a gander .... or is it that people just love to read complaints?  

Hmmm ... maybe we should do a little test ....

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Posted by trixie-184569 - 17 years ago

a fine (as i smirk) read before bed! thanks guys

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago


I'm smiling, even if Admin doesn't think so!  I'd still like to know who you are. 

My 'pseudonym' doesn't hide much!

Bonne nuit as the natives say.

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Posted by The Critic - 17 years ago

I blame ze germans

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Posted by python-187035 - 17 years ago


To my surprise just now, by the time I'd written and posted my last posting, you'd just posted yours.  Weird synchronicity, eh?!

Well, we both manged not to bicker.  Worth a smile, I reckon: J!

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Posted by python-187035 - 17 years ago

Thanks Legend, that was very impressive...and soothing. 

I see now that I should have said "his new-found knowledge' or 'skill' or something similar, but not 'karma'.

And I stand skilfully corrected - and chastened - in the face of my rather obvious lack of skill.  Come back MikeP, there's a hatchet that needs burying!  N

There's so much yet to learn, isn't there?


Getting back to the subject of the thread, I have to admit I can but agree IMHO with Rich about this particular corner of the planet...and, err, the occasional Cadbury's bar of chocolate (and Fry's Turkish Delight.?!).

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago


I wonder if you are who I think you might be .... PG?  Never mind.

A full response to you here would only invoke accusations of personal bickering and would be pointless.

You have a manner of attempting to put words into other peoples' mouths - a pretty classic sort of cheap psycho trick, for example

quote:Maybe, indeed. Still, recognising a problem is half the battle won - keep going!

Who says being a headcase (in your eyes) is a problem?

I am not going to enter into further dialogue with you on this topic,  it is futile in the extreme.


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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 17 years ago

quote:With my thanks to Legend - may his new-found karma continue to refresh the parts of AI that have not yet been reached...<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

errrm - well thank you for the very personal and unexpected testimonial of enlightenment.  However, one cannot "find" karma.  Karma is not a holy grail or anything like that.  The law of karma may be simply stated as ;

"For each event that occurs in life, there will be another consequent event which will feel as pleasant or as unpleasant as the first event was skillful or unskillful"

"Unskillful" might be summarised as actions that quell joy and nourish pain.  They are often accompanied by craving, opposition or delusions.  Conversely, "skillful" decisions are those that nourish ALL joy (not only one's own) and the quelling of all pain. 

Thus to take this posting as an example of karma;

a thought arises and is written ["Is that the case?" and "Why?"]

a counter-thought is provoked and linked to a person or persons ["these kind of forums seem to attract a lot of unhappy people"].  At this point the process of pure thought has evolved into delusion and through the law of karma, any decision based upon delusion will be unskillful.

a counter-counter thought reflects the original counter-thought to its author.

a deliberated thinker recognises the delusion and rather than exposing it as such and harvesting the opportunity for a skillful decision, further obfuscates the delusion by making a willful decision to write chosen words that might cause an unpleasant sensation towards a person or persons ["but he's a total headcase - there's no hope of ever 'redeeming' him"].  This is the turning point in the sequence.  It is this willful decision that is a karma. 

Follow-on events happen.  Some are inconsequential.  There is one in particular where the writer’s reaction is evident of an unpleasantness he perceived from an unskillful action.  This in itself produces follow-on unskillful actions/events ["stay out of my line of sight and line of fire, that vastly improves my quality of life"].  A follow-on events is not truly a karma but a sort of after-karma.

Further thoughts reach written form.  This time, although they have elements of quelling pain, they tend more towards nourishing the author’s own joy rather than the joy for all.  Hence the eventual perception of "bickering".  These after-karma are less pleasant than they might have been because of the unskillful nature of the original decision in the karma.

The above is an example of the law of karma in real life.  This is not something that one can [“newly find”].  It is an immutable law.  What one can “find” is the desire and understanding to act ethically, the increasing desire and ability to make skillful decisions, where one no longer measures one’s personal joy before that of others and where decisions are made as much as possible to quell the pain of all.  

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Posted by Rosbif-185958 - 17 years ago


Those of you who are reading this post b/c you related to its subject line, tell me, did you come here because of a job but never related to the life there? Are there some reedeming things? Anything?

Erm.. no I came and had a look because i simply couldn't believe that anyone could have had enough of this fantastic region!  Yes there are several challenges and obstacles to overcome, but this is the way of the world!  In my honest opinion, this is one of the best places on the planet to live.  Second only to some parts of Australia that I have visited. 

If you do want to get out and head back to the UK then when you get back, please send back large quantities of Cadbury's cos apart from that, that's the only thing missing here for me ! 



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Posted by Admin-179828 - 17 years ago

Now chaps, the personal bickering can stop immediately.-----
Forums Administrator