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Skype In not working anymore

Posted by benandal-185374 - Created: 10 years ago
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Posted by benandal-185374 - 10 years ago

You got me thinking and my friend has sorted it - needed vat, siret etc etc adding and its working!!!! thanks for oiling the rusty cogs i call a brain!!!

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Posted by benandal-185374 - 10 years ago

Hi Christopher,I'm actually researching this problem for a friend of mine. The billing address is in France but the clients are based globally so maybe this is the problem. I've googled the +SkypeIN +France and it brings up some interesting stuff. It IS frustrating that Skype are uncontactable other than 'ticket requests' which they usually take 7 days to reply to. Do you think I could do anything to speed along the process? It just goes to back up my theory that unless some companies have a direct phone number, don't bother working with them. I got so frustrated with some web providers being unreachable that I moved ALL my web clients to a company u could just pick up the phone and chat to.

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 10 years ago

cgb - do you use SkypeIn? It is a rather special derivative of SKYPE. If you are just using regular SKYPE computer to computer then your experience doesn't help Ben much. If you are using SkypeIn then what billing address/credit card details are you offering to fund the account?

Ben - I know you live in France - but are you using your French billing address to fund the SkypeIn request? I have seen Forum discussions which explained that SKYPE are not alowed to compete for international traffic in France and that is why their requests for SKYPEIn from non-French accounts are rejected. Of course that begs the question as to why anyone would want a French SKYPEIn number if they the did live in France. National calls are so cheap (often free) that the immediate advantage of offering France-France SkypeIn calling from PSTN to VoIP is not so easy to determine.

Anyway - Google for +SkypeIN +France and you'll find a lot of threads - sadly mostly inconclusive.

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Posted by cgb-223063 - 10 years ago

Hi Ben

I use skype all the time and live in Antibes and have not come across this problem..it works fine for me..Think its a fantastic way of communicating and can imagine your frustration at not being able to use it ..