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So how come everyone is here then?

Posted by GemG - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Geoff77 - 16 years ago

Further to Humptydingo/Aroncb's replies,  My wife and I have been happily settling down to the French way of life in Nice, for the last 18 months after cashing in on the UK property boom/selling up and quiting our safe but dull 9-5 routines for a much better life on the Cote d'Azur (stress levels Greatly reduced!) despite the usual hassles with French bureaucracy I feel we've made the right decision.We are both in our mid fifities, and as I had been visiting the south of France fairly regularly since the 1980's, on Vacance, to be able to live in Nice is a "dream come true"!  Work wise we don't work and live on a couple of modest insurance annuities sorted out before we moved here.Obviously our income has reduced considerably, but as long as the expenses continue to be met ok I'm happy-we dont' smoke,run a car or drink a great deal.

We live approx. 2 miles from the seafront just outside the "tourist catchment" area and have found most of the local people to be friendly/helpful to us, despite speaking only basic french. Also when having furniture/stuff  delivered to our address by shops-generally they arrive promptly on the agreed time and day with no fuss/delays.       


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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 16 years ago

Totally agree with Aroncb, even to the extent of use of French. I live up the road from him in the hills of Grimaud.  My partner and I decided that at the age of 50 (he a bit older) we would like to change our life-style before it was too late and since we were too old to take sebaticals and hitch hike around the world, we decided we would move over to our favourite holiday area.  We found a job as gardiens and have been here for over 7 years now in the same job situation.  We have a two bed house on the same estate (free & utility free).  Paradis !  Wouldn't go back to UK now - a lot of Brits seem top be moving out anyway.  Not the cheapest area to live and maybe will move further inland or across to the west sometime.  Go for it before it's too late and enjoy adapting to a new life-style - not easy but challenging.  Friends will think your'e mad but secretly they'll admire you and be quite jealous when they queue to visit you every year and see what they're missing.  Generally all round good weather (although very cold at the moment), good food, good wine and I personally find most of the French here very helpful and friendly. Var is best, Alpes Maritime no thanks, but then I'm biased.

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Posted by Aroncb - 16 years ago

Been a couple of these threads but couldnt find 'em but no worries. 

My partner got a job down here back in June after a year and a half trying and waiting for it.  I followed her down.  Sure beats living in a commuter belt with london commutes.  Living down Port Cogolin way at the moment but will be moving Saint Raph direction in few months

I love the place.  I find it quite impossible to ever be sad here, just think of the Tube, look out the window - And smile away...

I don't speak french yet, but have just broken the self concious - "Couldn't possibly try speaking  as I might be wrong stage..." and firmly into the gung ho "I'm going to make you understand me if it takes all day stage." 

And what about yourself?