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So it seems the Var is almost bereft of Brits!

Posted by vivtrev-184386 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by dexter-189875 - 16 years ago

HIYA VIVCAN YOU HEAR ME? Possible a good job they do lie low then if it is so popular for others to have nothing better to do than take the mic and write to themselves ( not mentioning any British patron saints )VivTrevI do so agree with that!Your comment made me laugh out loud.....doesn't happen very often - hahahaIt could be worse, you could be living in Draguignan, nice town but dead on a night time, so we have to get our amusement at home (I leave that to your imagination)We're gonna get together soon but things are a bit hectic just now (gotta go UK to meet my son who is bringing his Chinese fiance home to the UK......think what a culture shock she is going to get, poor girl, he lives in Bangor, North Wales)Have to go make lunch now,,,,I'll be backshirl

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Posted by vivtrev-184386 - 16 years ago

Dear Stgeorge and followers -

- may I suggest you start your own discussion forum where you can generalise to your heart's content about character traits of any nationalities you choose living wherever you choose. Remember - like attracts like - 'generally' speaking !!

Most grownups are perfectly capable of making their own assessments of others and it takes all sorts to make an interesting and varied environment.


Live and let live is also not a bad generalisation.




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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

The CDA has never, ever been a 'des res' as far as I'm concerned - more like finding somewhere with a bed , a kitchen and a telephone to battle for survival in the harsh employment climate and the surrounding French administrative pitfalls !

Abba were good in their day though ?


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Posted by riffa - 16 years ago

What is the issue with stgeorge? Comments in general are amusing (but, sg, I have no real issue with Abba???).

I live on the CdA and cannot remember talking that much about it as a des res or expensively priced etc etc.  It's a question of choice.

Never heard of 'yadda' tho'!

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

In which case , those who live in the Var and fall into  ( or think they do )the previous category of being young able and willing should be demonstrating in a positive fashion ( as some of you have already ) that the poor image you describe of the ex-pat Brit is merely a stereotyped image and not the reality !

Regretably many  Brits abroad have a dreadful tendancy to become pompous , humourless and class conscious - look what's happened in the Dordogne and the Luberon . Shouln't these national traits be left behind at Luton together with the tabloid Press , Sky TV , baked beans and Abba CD's !!


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Posted by paris-191250 - 16 years ago


life is not just olive trees in the VAR.

Some of us are young willing and able (not retired, drunken and disabled)


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Posted by Anthony Brophy - 16 years ago

Hi Viv,

Tried to e-mail you back but it bounced back twice.

Will give you a ring to-morrow evening .Keep the good side out it does get better.

Best wishes,

Carol Brophy.

Kind regards;
Carol and Anthony

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Posted by vivtrev-184386 - 16 years ago

Thanks to all of you who have replied after the attempted sabotage early on!!

We do try always to speak French wherever we go and find the French very helpful in response but one of the main reasons I put my first posting on the site was that I know it will take a lot of time before we become anywhere near fluent so I figured it would be a sensible idea to establish some English speaking contacts as well to help 'ease the journey' into our life in the Var.

I hope more of you will keep the ball rolling as we cannot be the only ones who would like to make new contacts in this lovely area!




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Posted by Rob-180901 - 16 years ago

There is a big network in the Var for those who seek it. The Var Village Voice is a good place to start. Try here for a quick link. Also there is the British Association of the Var. Talk to Jim Blythe who take care of membership on Mixing with French people is a great ideal and is easier in the Var than it is in Alpes Maritimes, but still fairly difficult, especially if you do not have a rough command of the language and especially if you do not even try. You might try the link here for that. A mix of French and English friends is good and maybe these will be a good place for you to start. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

As yes, St George, my olive trees are world famous, or at least from Menton to Lorgues anyway. :o)


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Posted by Sorrel-191009 - 16 years ago

Dear Viv and Trev

Hi there, I live in Grimaud like HumptyDingo (did I get your screen name right Humpty?), and I agree with your assessment of the guy who goes by an english saints' name. Flip and supercilious - and not much help at at.  Even though I've only had a home here for 18 months I have known this region very well for over 20 years via my brother who moved here in 1980 and has tried lief in a variety of places between Monaco and Cassis. Living in the Var beats the CdA hands down - the Côte is just too full of itself - "hey we live on the Côte d'Azur, so what if its' overpriced and over rated, it is the Côte d'Azur!" -  yadda yadda yadda - having said that, I do have some lLOVELY friends on the CdA who avoid the "ex-pat community" like the plague, why come to live in France and end up in Little Britain, whining about the lack of crumpets moaning about "the French"?

We are not more insular in the Var, just more willing, generally, to integrate with the French people whose spaces we have moved into.  I had lunch with Penney yesterday and asked about you as I had seen her reply to you.  I didn't reply immediately (- I do take your point about about the number of people who read a posting but do not reply -) simply because I was due to see Penny.  I wanted to see if she had arranged anything with you. She is very supportive and a mine of information.  I know my way around the French system and I am fluent in French.  Between us I am sure that we can help and advise and spend some time together.

I have a mixture of French and English friends - it is all to easy to become attached mainly to other English people, especially if you do not speak French, (you might do?), but do foster your French neighbours, their acceptance of you may seem slow - but it is all the deeper for that.  I visited my local French bar on an almost daily basis for nearly a year, in that time the conversation would stop and shift to include me, and I realised that my presence had altered the dynamics - one day it didn't happen and was greeted with a bisou on each cheek. The French people are subtle - this may seem moody and stand-offish, but give it time.

As for the Anglo Info site - it is an excellent resource and, as in any community, there are a lot of lovely people who are genuinly helpful, and then there is the usual smattering of smug know-alls, some of whom seem to think that "the French" are second class citizens.

I will call you soon, all the best