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Someone to detect a water leak.

Posted by 1850stjeannet - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by 785biot@gmail.com - 5 years ago

There is also another test you can do. Normally there is a shut-off valve in the housing. Close this and check if your water meter runs. If water clock runs then there is a leak from the water meter and into your house / flat If not then Carry out the test as Cricket wisely suggests. Good luck

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Posted by cricket-276437 - 5 years ago

Have a look at your water meter when you are sure that there are no taps running, no toilets filling, no storage tank filling, no diswasher or washing machine  operating.

If all these are all off, your water meter should show no movement, unless you have a leak.

You can also read the meter when you are leaving your house unoccupied for several hours. Again the meter should not have moved when you return unless there is a leak.

Do this simple check before you call in anyone. You can approximately  quantify the leak by this method also.