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Stocking up on first arrival on holiday

Posted by Mikeboyle - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by lucy2-187661 - 16 years ago


always a problem that first shop. dont forget loo paper! Why do owners always have changeover on Saturdayseh?

I know in st aygulf(know its not close!) in season 2 v good small supermarkets open until midday.

Have you checked out if there is a large(3 or 4 star) camp site close?? they usually have shop for essentials...and takeaways and bars!! not cheapest tho.

work opportunity for you lucky enough to live in area...prep of "arrival parcels" of food etc.....could extend to TV rental!

Enjoy hols Mike!


SOF fan

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Posted by Mikeboyle - 16 years ago

Many thanks to everyone for giving such helpful advice.  Looks as though I'm not going to be at all short of options, and shouldn't have a problem.  I really am very grateful.


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Posted by Cabbie-182008 - 16 years ago

Alternatively, if you're up and about on Sunday morning, take a trip to the market in Nice old town, the Cours Saleya. It's open all morning, as are many of the shops in the old town. Everything will close up between midday and 1pm tho', so you must get it done in the morning. You can get all your fruit and veg from the market, then there's a shop called La Poulette on the rue de la Prefecture which does dairy products and "vollailes" (chicken, duck, quail, pigeon, rabbit etc - no red meat) and some ham and sausages. Right next door is the Caves Caprioglio where you can get your wine, champagne, and I think they do olive oil, but you'll need to take a container as I think it's sold out of a barrel. There are several bread shops around the area, and 2 shops selling freshly made pasta.

There are also several shops around Nice which stay open on Sunday afternoons if you get stuck. Not the big supermarkets tho'.

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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

As Wendy says, you drive past the Leclerc on your way in to Tourrettes-sur-Loup, and it is a perfectly acceptable supermarket.

On Sunday, it can be rather harder to buy foodstuffs and the like in Tourrettes than, say, hand-carved owls. However, at least one bakery is open, and I think a couple of small grocery places are also open in the morning. The bar-tabac should also be open although it does keep some rather eccentric hours...

Personaly, I'd regard a trip to Cap 3000 as one of the worst possible ways to start a holiday!


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Posted by wendy-179831 - 16 years ago

Hi Mike

It's highly unlikely that either of the (tiny) food shops in Tourettes will be open Sunday (or Saturday evening). And the LeClerc in Vence is closed Sundays - except in high summer.

When you leave the airport, you could either go to the Cap 3000 shopping mall which is sort of almost next door (I'm sure the hire car people will be able to give you directions) - it has a huge grocery store (but could be a parking nightmare that day). http://www.cap3000.com/fr.html

Or go to Centre LeClerc, Vence on your way through to Tourrettes - you'll drive right past it on your left as you go up a long hill before you enter Vence - and it's usually open til 20:30 Saturdays (not 100% sure about the 12th - I'll ask next time I'm there): http://www.e-leclerc.com/vence/default.asp

You can e-mail me if you need detailed directions.