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suicide support

Posted by pain - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by julesinfrance-192285 - 13 years ago

HiI lost my Dad through suicide 10 years ago and sympathise with what an awful thing it is that you're going through right now, and as Cap says, its really hard to talk about it to other people because its such a shocking thing for others to try to deal with. I don't know if I will be of any help because its such a personal tragedy but please email me if you want to talk. The only thing I can reassure you with is that the grief does fade and you will be able to feel 'normal' again. I had a few counselling sessions and it did help, just to be able to tell a stranger how I really felt without fear of upsetting them. Wishing you all the best, Jules x

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Posted by Capulet-197327 - 13 years ago


My mother commited suicide a long time ago now but I understand how you feel. One problem I had was being able to talk about it to others as you feel awkward that they feel awkward. I am not sure how exactly I can help you but with suicide if it didn't happen that day it is likely it would happen the next. It is unlikely that you could have done anything to help or prevent it when someone has reached that low. As advised by the other posting counselling may help you come to terms with it.


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Posted by Chatterbox-190278 - 13 years ago


For professional counselling in the first instance www.counsellinginfrance.com will have someone near you.

Love and best wishes, look after yourself.


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Posted by Europe - 13 years ago

I do feel for you, how dreadful.

I strongly advise you get some one to  one counselling- if you haven't tried it before and have doubts, my take is, hey it might help so its worth a shot. The only english counsellor I know of here is Ann Pilling in Nice. I don't have her number but someone on here may have try also some internet support groups and read up. I think reading that others have been in the same situation as you helps. Here are some links I found on google. There may be some support groups locally too. Try under Riviera community- support groups on angloinfo. xXx