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swedish kid in english school

Posted by monique-187849 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by sweklow - 11 years ago

Hi Monique,

I could share experience with you. Contact CIV, which is recruiting now. Deadline is 15th April. There is an entrance exam which they should tell you about it. Look for ASIECA (organisation which will help you into the English section) they are helpful. However, there is no Swedish section, they have English, German, Italian and Spanish. OBS: CIV is in Sophia Antipolis. Antibes is a good location to live.

Med vanlig halsingar.

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 16 years ago

French schools have ZERO legal right to demand any particular level of French language skills for the children living in the zone they serve.  They have a legal OBLIGATION to school your in-zone child regardless of sex, creed, nationality or language competence.  Futhermore, depending upon the additional FLE budget that is allocated to them, they have an additional OBLIGATION to bring your child up to a level of competent French language.  That being said, you do not have a prima facie right to demand a school that is outside your zone of residence and your ability to arrange this will depend upon your child's "dossier" meeting the expectations of the school that is offering to accept an out of zone enrolment (which may include a level of scholastic achievement in named subjects including French).

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Posted by monique-187849 - 16 years ago

Thank you. We intend to stay for a minimum of 2 years, maybe longer if we like it that much. I've heard that the french schools are very demanding and that they require at least some knowledge of french to get in, or that one of the parents is french. Is this info wrong? In what area should one live to find a good school when the job is in Sophia Antipolis? Don't have to be the beach area, a peaceful village would be to prefer.monica

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 16 years ago


10 years ago I arrived in France with 2 english and swiss german speaking primary age kids who have survived the traditional french school systemand are now fluent europeans. If you come to france during the summer hols, get the lad involved in the local MJC activities, find someone prepared to give informal conversation lessons, and  generally immerse him in french speaking activities with other kids of his age. The french school system is pretty good as Legend says, and if you're all intending to stay it's a shame to not profit fully of the opportunity to be at ease in another foreign language, your boy can do english as a first "langue vivant" at college and will undoubtedly be able to impress his mates by his prowess even if his french is less strong. The anglophone network in the CdA is very strong but remember the french are out there too and the cultural exchange is what living in a foreign country (rather than colonising it) is all about :-))

good luck

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 16 years ago

How long are you intending to stay?

If it is long-term then I'd advise a full immersion French collège, taking advantage of the extensive FLE - Français Lange Etrangère offered by specialist teachers.  For historical reasons, France is well equipped for teaching French to kids who have another mother tongue.  This program is strong in the primary schools and also in the first couple of years of the collège system (Grades 6 to 9) where your son would be.  In this option, your son would do all classes in French with a few hours per week of a second language (say English as Swedish is unlikely to be offered and will be below his level anyway).

If your stay will be only a few years and you feel your son has sufficient English to tackle 6th Grade, then you could enrol him at one of the International schools in Monaco, Nice, Mougins or Sophia-Antipolis.  They are all different in their choice of programs and entry requirements.  The order that I have listed them in corresponds to what I believe is most suitable for a 6th Grader speaking no French and with passable English. 

By the way - there is a super active Swedish club here on the Riviera, organizing wonderful Swedish hospitality, Swedish church, maintenance lessons for Swedish language.  Välkommen!