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Tax inspectors

Posted by wjp-191185 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Black Cat-192495 - 16 years ago

I have a friend who was "done". They looked back three years previous to the current year as Jeff311 has pointed out. They looked at :1/whether or not he might be earning undeclared income in France (IOW running a "black" business)2/his lifestyle and whether or not he could afford to live the way he does3/all transactions in and out of his French bank accounts. 4/ Whether or not he regularly withdrew cash from the bank for day-to-day expenses. The idea being that if he never withdrew cash he couldn't buy a cup of coffee or a newspaper so he must be getting cash from an undeclared source.5/ his electricity and phone bills (don't know why)6/ his credit card use7/ property and vehicle ownership... and a few other things as well that I don't remember.

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Posted by Jeff311 - 16 years ago


they will look back 3 years, on top of the current year.

If they are not inspecting you as a business, basically, they will look for discrepancies between your stated income and your way of life, ask for justification for any money put on your bank account, and so on... And they will try to tax you on the basis that you're resident in France for tax purpose.