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Posted by revo - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

I can only relate one (isolated) bad experience with Sillages airport service.

Needing to get to the airport on a Saturday I checked their website and the service was shown as operating 'Lundi a Samedi'.  So I waited, and waited, and waited, in Sophia on a Saturday afternoon for a bus that never came.  I phoned the bus station and they said the busses didn't operate on a Saturday and denied that the timetable showed 'Lundi a Samedi'.   With no alternative way of getting to the airport I called a taxi and 60 Euros poorer and 40 minutes late I got to the airport.

Afterwards I wrote to the bus company and what followed was so typical of the 'service' industry in this region.  My first, second and third letters were ignored. The fourth, sent 'recommandee' and demanding a reply and a refund of my out of pocket expenses (taxi) was returned with a note scrawled on it 'pas de service assure le samedi'.  I then got a French colleague to phone them and they denied emphatically that their timetable had ever shown a Saturday service, even though I'd sent them printouts of the web page.

A further letter elicited the response that they were not responsible for the publication of the timetables or the adherence to the timetables that they didn't publish.  As it was about to degenerate into either a French farce or a slanging match I left it there.

That said, I use those busses fairly often between Valbonne/Sophia and the airport and altohugh the timekeeping is poor,  the service is reasonably reliable, the busses clean, and the drivers invariably pleasant and helpful.