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taxing question

Posted by lynnettejane - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by lynnettejane - 16 years ago

Hello all, I don't want to keep banging on about the local taxes but I still haven't heard from the previous owner of our apartment, therefore haven't contributed to the them. Is it possible that if he doesn't pay, can't be traced, that we will be doubly billed next year. Also how can I find out how much the taxe foncier/d'habitation is this year and in January. Thanks for all your help so far, regards Lynnette

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Posted by nosugref - 16 years ago

It is usual that the owner of the property pays the "fonciere" tax but the tenant would pay the "habitation" tax.I think it is related to "the ability to pay".

One thing though, make sure you have very good insurance for the flat.

The owner is required to insure the flat, but it is not necessarily full blown,cover-all.You should be aware and cover yourself.

I do not know if this helps but as you said, nothing in writing, but as you know, that can backfire on the tenant as well.DO speak to your notaire?

Good luck. 

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Posted by Dukeboy - 16 years ago

Hi Lynette, I certainly can't answer all of your questions about liability, but what I can say is that when we bought our house and signed the final papers at the Notaires office, it was at this point the owner requested that we "help out" with the Taxe d'Habitation. The official line from the Notaire at that point in time was, that the owner as at 01/01 was in fact liable for this payment. However, he also mentioned that it was quite normal that the previous owner requests the buyer to pay the balance of what is owed. So because we were signing in late January, they(the previous owner) would pay for the month of January, we then worked the amount to be paid out over a 12 month period, and we signed a cheque for the equivilent of 11 months.

In my opinion, if this wasn't discussed and agreed upon at the time of signing of the final papers, then you are not liable to pay for this year, regardless if the guy comes hassling you. However, it's propably common practice and therefore most people would agree to pay their pro-rata'd share.

As for your last point, if the guy refuses to pay, I'm not sure if the amount would be written off, rather that the previous owner would continue to be liable probably with interest!

As I am not qualified to give you this advise, the best person to ask would be your Notaire, however, I hope my example helps you a little.