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Teaching English As a foreign language, which course?

Posted by Luciole-221920 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

CELTA and TESOL accredited courses are probably the best recognised, these courses are accredited by Cambridge University and Trinity College London, but not sure if any online courses give you these qualifications. Obviously it is considered a lot better if your training has included being put in a real life classroom situation, which you can't do online.

Having said that, I give English tuition for a reputable French training provider and I have no TEFL qualifications. They don't all insist on a formal qualification, they look at your CV and if you are a native English speaker, have a degree and some kind of relevant work experience (e.g. working in the media, in my case), not having a TEFL certificate will not stop you getting work.

If you have no language teaching experience you would certainly find it useful to do a course because it would give you confidence and the learning curve wouldn't be as sharp when you start working, but you would be doing it for you, rather than for potential employers, so pick the course that looks best to you.

Hope this helps, it's only my opinion of course ;)