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telecomms expert wanted

Posted by allypally-209302 - Created: 10 years ago
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Posted by allypally-209302 - 10 years ago

thanks for all the replies - we'll try them all out when we are in Nice again next week and will let you know if anything works - in the meantime if anyone else reading this can offer further solutions please post themthanks againallypally

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Posted by realcooleo - 10 years ago

and what's funnier, we were 3 in trouble, hearing each other; one of them was kind of insulting us on the phone as if it were our fault; I'm not sure but it turned out be that it was on his side.

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Posted by realcooleo - 10 years ago

we had a similar issue while we transferred our line from France Telecom to neuf. we called neuf and I do not know how they managed, the problem is solved in a week. it is also in possibility that recently somebody nearby passed to adsl totally 'degroupe' and guys who did their installation/configuration did not do a good job.

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Posted by garoolgan-207343 - 10 years ago

If you open the first telephone socket and find that top left is grey coloured wire and the one under it is white coloured wire for example, make sure that all others are the same. We once had a problem (too far off to remember exactly what) where it was finally found that the problem was due to one socket in the circuit being wired the other way around.Garoolgan

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Posted by saml0302-215426 - 10 years ago

Hi, we had a very similar problem, and after five visits from France Telecom ( a total of 10 supposedly qualified engineers - they seem to arrive in pairs), they still couldnt fathom it!! IN fact they were about as much use a pork pie at a jewish wedding!!!!

My Husband however managed to resolve it in a matter of minutes.... if you are having the same problem, hopefully this should sort it!!! Do you have more than one telephone socket... if you do, use one for your internet connection, but plug the phone into the other one completely independently from the internet connection. I really hope this helps you... it certainly solved many, many weeks of nightmares for us!! regards Sam