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Posted by jjoepage - Created: 13 years ago
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need help using telerabais...  I notice the access number for the US is 0811-65 31 31.  So, upon dialing that number the recording says many things I can't quite make out.  How do I dial a number in the US?  I tried: 0811-65 31 31 +area code +number but it doesn't work.  Any clues?

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Posted by Piscean007-190176 - 13 years ago

If you guys hav'nt tried SKYPE then you must. Download the software from www.skype.com and you are all set to call your friends registered with skype for FREE. What more - you can call land lines or mobile phones worldwide at a very nominal charge.

The reception is exceptional .

Yes, you need a headset and a microphone to start.

I hope you find it as good as I do !



miles to go before I sleep

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Posted by fatima-183756 - 13 years ago

Thanks MikeP. And is it true that calls anywhere in France are free? Or is there a 6c/first minute thing there too?

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 13 years ago

I've been using Telesoldes for a couple of months and they are just as good as they promise, and are associated with Telerabais.  As far as I am concerned these guys are to telecomms what EasyJet are to the airline indistry.

The minor drawbacks - and these are negligible:

there is an initial charge of about 6c/call, so a 1 minute call to a 1c/min destination will cost you 7c,  but then,  a 60 minute call will cost you 66 cents! they are not always cheaper than Telerabais (eg. 8c/min to SA, against local call rate on Telerabais.


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Posted by fatima-183756 - 13 years ago

At the risk of asking something that's already been answered elsewhere (I'm in a bit of a rush!), and as someone who's been using Telerabais successfully for a few months now, has anyone been using Telesoldes for any time? Are they trustworthy? I've signed up for home and work, and it just looks too good to be true (but then again, so did Telerabais). I think I heard they were associated ...

Thanks for any input.

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Posted by SJ-190944 - 13 years ago

It is just one of the instructions they give and I suppose it's a prompt that lets the system know you've finished dialling the number you wish to reach, rather than wasting time (and money) waiting for it to happen automatically.

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Posted by No.6 - 13 years ago

LIML, you big techy tease, you.. ! 

Voice over IP is one thing, for sure, but here's an Australian article that also puts the dramatic changes in world telephony cost structures over the past decade into some perspective: http://www.abc.net.au/http/sfist/shwy4.htm

I think this mostly answers the 2nd part of F's question..

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

Stop Press! 

You do not have to wait till the Telerabais lady stops talking.  You can dial 00 + country code + number + # as soon as the lady starts talking.

the # terminates your number so it connects quicker than if you wait for their timer to detect that you stopped dialing,

re:how do they make their money?  - aha! so you can't figure that out either eh?  Hint - it's called VoIP.

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Posted by F-189504 - 13 years ago

Telerabais seems to work as advertised - I have just got my France Telecom bill for the ususal two months, and notice the 'international' numbers I dialled using the 0811 65 3131 prefix were charged as local calls.

Wonderful, but how do Telerabais make their money, and is the obvious conclusion valid that we have all been paying excessive rates for our calls for years?


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Posted by jjoepage - 13 years ago

what does that do?


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Posted by SJ-190944 - 13 years ago

Don't forget to press the # key after dialling the US number.