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telerabais calling price to SA increase

Posted by jaaaine - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by jaaaine - 16 years ago

no, haven't managed to get up that way yet...SHALL do one day...!!!!!   J

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

Thanks for the tip Jane but I am lazy and I prefer to use the ones where you just get billed at the end of the month, rather than the calling cards which run out in mid conversation, or you lose it .....   Great rates though!

Cheers - Mike

PS Did you get your fridge parts?

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Posted by jaaaine - 16 years ago

Goodee, the 1.8c still works for the UK on that new number J, just tried it...but I wonder for how long....Mike, have you ever used international calling cards for calling SA? I was using them before using telerabais... With the one called 'Sourire d'Afrique' by RUBICOM you get 74 mins with a 7.50€ card using access gratuit, and 104 mins using local access... So that works out at just under 10cpm...which is slightly better than telerabais at the moment.....it all adds up in the end tho...If interested you  can buy them at the loto shop opposite the Pimms bar in Antibes (and many other places too I'm sure) or for other similar have a look http://www.cartephone.com/catalog/index.php 

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

I have emailed Telerabais to as them to clarify thr apparent discrepancy between their website and the email.

The rate of 1.8c/min would increase to 3.1c/min, not 15, but i am ont sure which base rate is correct.


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Posted by theresponsibleadult-188195 - 16 years ago

Jaaaine:  I have not been able to find anything cheaper than, or even as cheap as, the new rates from TeleRabais to SA.

MikeP: Does the Royaume-Uni 1,8cpm*  N° d'accès 0811-65.31.31 (1,8cpm*) still mean that low rate only for evenings and weekends?  And is the non-cheap time rate still 3.1cpm or does it now jump to 15cpm?

Related international tarifs:
Tele2             to England landline-landline 8cpm all the time
Teleconnect   to England landline-landline, normal 7cpm, happy hour 4cpm

Both companies' rates to SA are far above those of TeleRabais.

Non-International tarifs:
Tele2                 Local calls (within your department) 1,4cpm 
                         National calls 3,4cpm

Teleconnect       Local calls 1cpm
                         National calls 3cpm

FranceTelecom   Local calls 1,8 - 3,3cpm
                         National calls 6,1 - 9,1cpm



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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago


You are (sadly) correct about their rates to SA,  but I am not sure about UK. 

On their rate page http://www.telerabais.com/tarifs.php they show 15c/min to UK, as you said,  but this morning I had an email from them in which they say :

Royaume-Uni 1,8cpm*  N° d'accès 0811-65.31.31 (1,8cpm*)

Les Minutes is 25c/min to SA. If you look on the Comparatel website


you'll see that is just about the lowest rate. If you find anything less please let me know because I shall miss being able to phone home and yack for an hour for about a Euro!