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Thanksgiving ideas for CdA residents

Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by kmlf - 16 years ago

Thanks for the tips on finding cranberries.  Cap3000 is sold out.  I found them at Carrefour Antibes.

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Posted by Michelle Morrisey - 16 years ago

All of the suggestions ring true, except the movie, The Wizard Of Oz is the Thanksgiving time DVD to get.  It is shown every year on or about Thanksgiving.  Also if you can get it here Charlie Browns Thanksgiving.

As for starters, we always had a nut tray, and a crudite tray with dip of course. 

Please do not buy stuffing in a box, it is just disgusting and really so easy to make, I am a chef and would be happy to give you an easy fail safe receipe if you desire.  And you must have fresh cranberry sauce, again easy and so tasty.    Have fun, it sounds like a great idea!

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Posted by Mollie-182222 - 16 years ago

I saw your Thanksgiving request, and I thought I would give you a movie/dvd suggestion. When I was growing up, we always were thrilled to see the "Peanuts/ Charlie Brown" series on at the holidays. If you can get this, there is a really cute Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special that everyone, especially the children, might enjoy. I would like to see it now, too, and I am 34 years old.

I  would recommend having kir royal to toast the holiday. We do that at my house in Tennessee, adopted from the French, of course. My mother like to have a Bloody Mary as she prepares the meal and watches the Macy's parade from New York.

If you need more advice on food, I love the web sites: www.foodtv.com (the American food network), and also: www.epicurious.com. They are both wonderful resources for good recipies, menus.

I agree with everyone on the need for turkey with the mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffing/dressing.  Pumpkin pies vary, but it is a must. You can make a simple one, and then put some bourbon in your homemade whipped cream and sprinkle a little spice, like cinnamon or nutmeg on top. In the South, many eat pecan pies, which usually require corn syrup.

If you can get real cranberries, I suggest  making a cranberry relish- where you use the "robot" to mix the fresh fruits, some granny smith apples, oranges, orange zest, sugar, and usually cointreau or triple sec.

Have a good holiday.


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Posted by sms9127 - 16 years ago


The super market inside cap 3000, at Saint Laurent du Var, near Nice Airport, has fresh (ocean spray ) cranberries at this time of year. 


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Posted by cheffie - 16 years ago

I have found fresh cranberries (airelles) at carrefour in the fruit and veg section at this time of the year. Also, Picard and Metro for frozen. The effort looking for them and the 30 min it takes to make your own far outweighs the insipid examples found in cans.

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Posted by malena-191350 - 16 years ago

Wow!!!!!!   You lucky, lucky kid.  What great ideas and recipies you've gathered!!!  Here are my two cents........

Munchies or apps........ red pistachios, peanuts, cheese nips (crackers), pretzels and/or chips (cheezy Doritos are the best) u can find those at  the LaFayette Gallery downstairs in the international food store.

Drinks........ hot cider is nice, hot buttered Rum for the parents, and of course a basic holiday bar.....try an American Martini for the braver adventerous ones.  Cordials and ports are also nice as an apertif or night cap.  I can give specific drink recipies if u like.  I was a bartender in Chicago and have plenty of suggestions if interested.   

Turkey..........a must served with mashed potatoes, gravy and a cranberry roll (basically jelly in a can--- Geoffrey's)  Hint: for a moist turkey start cooking it in the morning at a LOW temp for a longer time.  To check if turkey is done knife the area in-between the thigh and body, clear juice it's done, bloody it's not.  

I want to stress   GRAVY!!!!........  no matter how well you cook turkey, it's still turkey, it will be a bit dry.  Take the drippings, make a rue and blend them over heat to make a delicious thick gravy.  You may want to add mushrooms and/or onions---whatever your preference.

Stuffing....... a must (find a simple one though, such as the last one.  Add a halved apple and onion and stuff it in the cavity of the turkey along with the stuffing and bake to mix all the nice flavors)  

You'll need a veggie........Buttery, salty corn (off the cob) is my favorite or steamed broccoli with chedder (or whatever yellow cheese u can find will do, heat it up with a little water or milk and pour over, mmmmmmmm!). Steamed broccoli and baby carrots is a nice combo too.     

Pumpkin pie.........  a must  (the bourbon recipe sounds absolutely wonderful and add some cool whip if you can find it, vanilla ice cream will do if all else fails)

Mint Tea........sounds like a nice way to end it all.  It will help with the digestion.  that's something I've picked up around here in the CdA.

Another thing PRESENTATION.........  it must all be put on the table for everyone to pass and share the food.  The table must look plentifull! None of this serving course by course.  That is too civilized for this holiday :)!   

Well, I suppose that was more than I planned to write, but you got me all excited thinking about Thanksgiving and all the tasties!!!  Good luck, have fun and let us know how it all ends up!!

Malena (~.~)

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Posted by cab-182963 - 16 years ago

You can get a turkey at the butcher. You can have a puree of brussel sprouts with cream and nutmeg. I have made apple butter to go with buttermilk biscuits. Don'y forget yams sauteed with maple syrup and orange zest, less calories than with the marshmellows.  Roasted leeks, garlic, shallots and pearl onions.  I can go on and on...........

Pumpkin pie a must, you can get the ingredients at Geoffrey's and use a pate brisee dough. I have also made a cranberry/orange sorbet as a palate cleanser.

E-mail me if you want, I give you a few web sites for the recipes.  But as mentioned before, do not make Stove top stuffing.  Get your own bread.  You sautee onions and celery in butter, add salt and pepper, than the bread that has been toasted with lots of sage, wonderful!!


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Posted by kmlf - 16 years ago

Has anyone seen whole cranberries, either fresh or frozen?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by cheffie - 16 years ago


So very sorry, PLEASE don't think of stove top stuffing. With the great bread available here you can make your own. Much better and takes the same amount of time. Recipes upon request!!!


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Posted by ekiglehe-185897 - 16 years ago

In addition to the previously mentioned sides, don't forget the stuffing(also called dressing). You can get Stove-Top stuffing at Geoffrey's for about 6€, one box makes about 5 or 6 servings. It's a Thanksgiving must!