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Posted by mike13-191206 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by bobr - 16 years ago


If you went through a half decent estate agent they should do this (ie. contact the EDF-GAZ de France, France Telecom and the Water Company) as a service.  It is done on the final signature day, or rather in advance but booked for that day. They know their way around and more importantly know the previous owner and yourself. Ask them and see what they say, if it is no, say that you are disapointed and that you know that other agencies do, do it.......

At the worst if you have to do it yourself it isn't a big thing but you won't generally be able to book your request ie. re-use the telephone line (with a new number of course) and other utilities until the previous occupier has booked his cancellations. If this hasn't been done, ask the estate agent to get the owners to do their bit.

The messiest it can get is when you  have to wait until you are doing the final signature when you will receive form the "Notaire" temporary ownership papers. These papers are proof of your ownership and can be used to obtain the required services. If it is bogging to this point I'd mention it to the "Notaire" well before the final signature and ask him if he would help you.

Hope this helps a bit, and congratulations.