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the best way to change money?

Posted by Tallben-185282 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Tallben-185282 - 16 years ago

Thanks guys, thats helps a little, i thought that dollars would be better to change in the UK, however I'm finding it difficult to change euros to pounds, anyways, french banks are lame, especially BNP, no help whatsoever, and i have an account and a morgage with them!!!


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Posted by jjmiller - 16 years ago

I saw an ad that the Post office exchanges currencies commission free.

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Posted by apu - 16 years ago

ben, depends on how much and where in the UK...

consider this for bank notes:

1) USD to GBP will be cheaper in the UK then France

2) the cheapest places use to be the small change office around victoria station if you are there then walk around and see...

3) EUR to GBP, try to get a comission free deal if you can...your bank should offer this to you...normally the comission is more expensive than the small difference in the rate...

4) exchange with another person if you can...in the past i used to work for a big company and in a private forum we used to post how much we wanted to sell and then exchange at the interbank rate of the day we sold...i never did this on angloinfo..clearly take care doing this...

if you are changing thousands of pounds, euro etc...

it is safe to go with a international bank transfer.. www.xe.com do a cheap service depends how much risk you want to take...

good luck...

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Posted by apu - 16 years ago

hey st george  that is not very nice, you will just turn off users by being unkind...

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

See my mate at HSBC  in  Stirling when you get there !stgeorge