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The syndic.

Posted by gordygrk2-184034 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Pervinca - 16 years ago

That's putting it mildly! The trouble is, it's hard to actually _prove_ they're ripping you off. When you demand to see the documentation it's always in order.I think  Admin rules prevent me from explaining in detail  how it works but they  often do a deal with the people carrying out routine maintenance/extra works, the devis  for a particular job is much more than it should be and ..... this is, let's say, advantageous for certain people! And if, as in our case, the immeuble is small (16 apartments) &  there are a number of well- off absentee landlords, the syndic gets the pouvoir to vote for them, this means they  always get the majority & so can do what they want.  In the 3 years we've been here they've voted to  renovate the interior/stairs of the building, the year after the façade (absolutely ruinous), then the lift...... None of these works were really necessary.This took all our savings which  were to tide us over while settling in. We could have bought another flat with what we've had to fork out. Unfortunately we have the biggest flat so the biggest part to pay, which is ludicrous when we all use the areas in common to the same degree & the people on the top 2 floors use the lift more than those  on the first &  second floor.....

It's been a traumatic experience & we're now at daggers' drawn with the Syndic & the President (our  neighbour with whom we're not on speaking terms) and, much as we love the flat which we have also renovated at great expense, and the area, we now can't wait to get out & plan to buy a house but I've become so despairing generally about living here that I'm sure other problems will arise. First time I've lived i n a condominium & it'll be the last!

But a  friend in the property business here says our particular Syndic is not one of the worst......and to think they were elected a few months' after we'd bought the flat because the previous Syndic was not, how can I put it, entirely honest!

It would be interesting to read of other people's experiences.