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the text "talks about"?

Posted by liloute - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by liloute - 7 years ago

Thanks everyone for answering so soon! So I think I'll have to let go of my old knowledge and embrace a brand new one!!! that's the evolution of languages I guess....

You've been very helpful anyway.



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Posted by squeakyclean - 7 years ago

Consider the text refers to

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Posted by Neil Clarke - 7 years ago

Hi Christine,

An alternative would be    "the subject of the text is...."    or possibly    "the text describes..."    or          "the text discusses...."

Yes,  "the text talks about....."    is probably incorrect,  it is the author that is talking, but I have heard more incorrect use of English from British television presenters.

I have never taught English but I like to use correct English when I write letters or when talking to French people, although I may use dialect, slang or less than correct English when I speak to fellow British people.

Hope this helps.  No doubt an English English teacher will give a better answer.

Regards, Neil

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Posted by Ba&Ke - 7 years ago

Hi Christine,

I understand your dislike of "talks about" in this context but I think it's one of those uses that has become common. I think it's perfectly acceptable to say "the text discusses", or even "the text speaks of" (after all, one can say something "speaks to me" when it's not actually "speaking" in the sense of verbal expression). In the context of a text, "talks about" is my least favourite of them and should be discouraged but I don't think it can be considered actually wrong!