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Thinking of moving to SOF anywhere near canne,nice

Posted by Drew treefella - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by 1850stjeannet - 5 years ago

My Gut react would be:

1. Consider at least learning basic level France before you come, so you won't feel isolated. 

2. let your daughter arrive first and get to a stage when you and your partner are confident with her and happy moving - its not an easy transition moving countries and having a new child at the same time - new children require support networks for you and them. 

3. Look around for a while before you decide where to move - mobility can be a key issue - particularly i would think for your partner

4. Its really NOT cheap living on the CdA, so make sure you've done your maths or it could be a short stay

5. Look at other postings on this site theres loads of info on-line already

6. Look into what the proceedure is for setting your business up here before you arrive theres once again lots of useful info already on this site. 

Good luck in your relections and endeavours