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This is a great idea!

Posted by ruby-197471 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by ruby-197471 - 13 years ago

Just a quick update on the AVF club in Nice

I was pleased to see a few people have joined up ..just thought you might like to know they have now got  a programme of events sorted for the coming months wihch are fab,....trip to Grasse, the trains des Pignes (a train wihch goes along the mountains with fab views, museums,theatre visit,italian evening,and several walks...(some in towns and some in the countryside)....so a variety of tihngs you can join in on...also days out to the beach to have picnics...there are all nationalitys french, swedish, english, italian etc

If you are bored and have nothing to do from time to time then this might be the answer...also they keep things at COST price...so it is very cheap...to join in on a guided walk in the countryside is a few euros (I think it is about 3 euros or something silly)...well anyway I am enjoying being with this club and find the ambiance very friendly and welcoming



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Posted by ruby-197471 - 13 years ago

Hi have had a few emails so heres some more info

Annual subscription costs only 40 euros per annum or if you are a couple I think it is about 65 euros per annum...thereafter you just pay for whatever you are doing and lots of activities and days out are practically free...classes for watercolour and language course French and Italian are about 4-6 euros per class/hour...there are trips for hiking and walking into the countryside...trips for towns and cities with a guide...picnics on the beach....museums etc

The age group is varied each time but predominantly adult so 30 plus and there is a lot of goo humour and cheer with an upbeat attitude and lots of support and kindness. There are a lot of French people who join because they are new to the CDA .

It is a non profit organization and run by a group of wonderful older french women...as I was new I had to give a little inpromptu speech today and got a little ovation for being 'dynamic' though my french is far from perfect and I made one or two howlers which caused us all to descend into a fit of giggles....they welcome you to keep improving your french  and if you make mistakes because you do not know something or because of cultural differences they are very understanding and help you (and the cultural differences can at times be very amusing...I tried to literally, translate something from  english to french  and said something completely different  by accident because of my pronunciation and apparently in french it was very cheeky, which had the whole room in fits of giggles...me included once they told me what I had said by accident...all very good humoured and very civilised !!

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Posted by wkt54-196372 - 13 years ago

Thank you for the info.  Is this only for residents or can holiday makers, staying a couple of weeks, use it too.



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Posted by ruby-197471 - 13 years ago

thanks Wendy....I went today for the first time and it was kinda nice...but had I not bumped into another expat would never have known it existed

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Posted by wendy-179831 - 13 years ago

Thanks Ruby, most larger towns have an AVF organisation; you'll find more details and a link to the national website and the local contact information here:


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Posted by ruby-197471 - 13 years ago

Sorry pressed button too quickly..please email me or contact them directly yourself...also should read newcomer...(I type too fast)