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To call toll free #'s in North America ?

Posted by roberthau-189468 - Created: 14 years ago
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A quandry!

I've been give a toll-free number, to use from Europe, to call Canada. The message reads; "IAC-800-222-3456-01". I sure don't have success with those digits. There must be a procedure. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Thanks and waiting ...


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Posted by SammyT-194551 - 14 years ago

Hi Joe-

As far as I know, it works for most numbers...and I think the ones that don't work use 888 instead of 880.  It's not free anymore, but at least you can contact customer service companies and such if you need to. 

If you aren't sure which one to use, just dial the 1-800 number like normal (001+800+xxx+xxxx), and an operator recording will come on telling you which one to use.  I can't remember if the recording is in English or French, but if you don't speak much French, just listen for 3 numbers in a row, hang up, and re-dial. 


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Posted by jjoepage - 14 years ago

Hey Legend, does that work with all north american 800 numbers?  That's cool if it does.  I haven't been able to figure that out for years.Its all good

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 14 years ago

If you truly require to dial an International Toll Free Service (ITFS) then the format for that is ;

IAC + 800 + xxxx + yyyy

i.e. 8 digits after the IAC and the 800 portions.   The number you have provided is not the right format for ITFS.

It looks like a regular North American 800 number apart from the "01" appendage.  It belongs to the Mercier emergency helicopter dispatch service.  If you actually wanted to call that number from France, you reach it by replacing the 800 with 880 (making it a toll call).

So you'd dial 00-880-222-3456