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Tower Fan or Round Fan?

Posted by zoe-180327 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 13 years ago

Quite an old topic now, but we just a ceiling fan online from Hunter and it's excellent - they have lots of different styles: traditional and modern.

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Posted by SJ-190944 - 15 years ago

I have always loved ceiling fans and in the past found them most effective.  This did not prove to be the case with one we bought from Castorama last year.  It doesn't seem to move much air at all!  We were very disappointed.  Also, if you are going to install one with lights, I wouldn't go for the halogen ones as they get very hot, which kind of defeats the purpose. 

If you do decide to go for standing fans, the Calor ones are fantastic (pun intended)!  We have one in each bedroom and we all slept quite well with them running all night all last summer.  They are relatively quiet, but provide a bit of "white noise" to help block out the noise outside (which works really well for children).  They're not cheap, but we are very happy with ours.

Stay cool!

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Posted by scotsgirl-194444 - 15 years ago

Just make sure your ceiling can support if first, they are very heavy! I wanted one but my electrician told me the ceiling wouldn't support the weight.



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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 15 years ago

They seem to be on sale in all the big electrical equipment stores.  There is a standard model with wooden blades and an optional light underneath.

You supply power to the thing using the light switch, and there are pull cords on the fan to select the light, the fan or both.

The bigger the diameter, the better.


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Posted by KvV - 15 years ago

And does anyone know where to fins a real nice ceiling fan by any chance? If possible in wood.KvV

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Posted by Aroncb - 15 years ago

Ceiling fans every time.  When your bored you can even strap your cat to them too. 

Spend a bit more on one.  That way it stays silent......  Worth every penny...

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Posted by szozu - 15 years ago

I vote for ceiling fans. They effectively move the air around without actually blowing on you directly or sending papers flying around. I have some in a rental apartment and even during the heat wave last summer the tenants said they were comfortable.


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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 15 years ago

The larger the fan, the more effective it is and the quieter it is (for the same amount of air moved).

A tower fan is reasonably effective without taking up too much space.

Those colonial style ceiling fans, with or without a light are probably the best bet if you have a central light fitting in the ceiling.

I wouldnt worry about brand