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Posted by 06Bertrand - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 7 years ago

But if you're a doctor, don't expect an English patient to be very reassured by the google translation!

I especially liked "Corrections and réharmonisations structures are disrupted soft"....etc.

If you still need it translated, would you like to re-post to confirm if you still need it done, and why? Happy to do it for a good cause but less happy to waste my time if you no longer need it or to do it for free if it's in a professional context ;)

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Posted by daveemitchell-307467 - 7 years ago

have you tried www.translate.google.com?

The session begins with a clinical interview with the objectives to know the reason for consultation, habits and lifestyle, medical history, and any other information necessary to support (such as balances examinations radiography, MRI , scanner ...).


The consultation continues with a series of manual tests specific to update restrictions and imbalances movements tissue, bone or joint may alter health status.


Corrections and réharmonisations structures are disrupted soft, fast and tailored to each individual.

Finally, the consultation ends with the verification of corrections, the organization of further processing and, if necessary, referral to other specialists.