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Translation help wanted with this phrase: action de solidarité

Posted by JD-517138 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by JD-517138 - 7 years ago

Nissalabella, I was busy writing my spiel while you posted.

Many thanks, programme is exactly the word I needed! And many thanks for the rest of it, it's much appreciated! 

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Posted by JD-517138 - 7 years ago

Indeed, Garonne, that's right (although many thanks, Junegolfe). My biggest problem is with "action de solidarité". My French friends say it's just that, "solidarity action", but that doesn't sound good to my ear, particularly in the context of motivating volunteers to get involved in fundraising (it sounds a bit '70s fist in the air).

I think I'm going to go with something like "We're available to help you to set up an innovative support event".  The French "Action" is such a mother of a word - it can be translated in 100s of ways, depending on context (so I hope "event" is legitimate enough).

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Posted by nissalabella - 7 years ago

I would translate as:

"¨Please feel free to contact us should you need any help in implementing an innovative solidarity program".


Hope this helps,


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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

I don't think the OP is looking for a literal translation but a well-constructed sentence that means the same in English. 

Nous somees à votre disposition I would translate as We're here to help you (it can be at your disposal but that would be translating an official document.)

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Posted by Junegolfe - 7 years ago

We are at your disposal to help you implement an innovative solidarity action is the literal translation...

Use Bing translate or Google translate..