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Travelling between France and UK

Posted by yvonnel - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Aroncb - 16 years ago

MS - You obviously didnt read the recent report on 20 journailsts who traveled around Europe and swaped passports when getting on and off planes in UK nad going thorough control. 

Wouldn't be so bad but they were mostly Male and female swaps.  All of them got through witout a blink with someone elses passport....

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Posted by MS-180758 - 16 years ago

Oh, and the UK dosen't stamp your passport each time you exit,unlike for example the Schengen countries,and even Singapore itself for that matter.

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Posted by MS-180758 - 16 years ago

UK has the strictest passport control arguably in the world.Should they let you pass,you will be stamped for six months,they will also probably want to know what your up to in France as they like to think it's incumbent on them as both are in the EU..As for the return,normally they will stamp you on arrival into France for three months.