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Trip to Pisa - help

Posted by YoBlo - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 17 years ago

Italia!!! - Si Si!

Easter Weekend?? - No No No No No No No (am I making myself clear?)

However, if you HAVE to go to Italy over the Easter weekend, then as long as you are prepared to put up with the immense crowds of all nationalities, then you could organise a nice trip to Tuscany in 3 days - but PLEASE for your own mental health, avoid the cities.

For a romantic B&B along the way, I'd say "CINQUE TERRE" - notably in Vernazza or Corniglia (do a Forum search for some references I gave).  Drop your car in La Spezia and take the train into Cinque Terre.  Travel REAL light, book the "Hermitage" B&B in advance and either take your own champagne or ask Fabio to get some local CT white wine on ice for you.  Arrive 2-3 hours before sunset and just chill on his terrace, cuddling with your wife and the 270-degree Mediterranean vista - nothing better.

Genoa? - forget it! - dirty rathole of a place. 

San Remo? - yeah maybe - very very busy of course this time of year - not much different from the CdA - hard to "feel" the true Italian difference.

Of course going to Pisa is nice but given that you are now in Tuscany in springtime you could equally go to Siena or Florence or some of the smaller places like Lucca.  Personally, I'd skip the big towns at this time of year and do the Tuscan countryside - particularly the Chianti trail - plenty of romantic B&B's along there but of course, no seaside if that is your thing.

a 3 night itinerary with either 2 in CT and 1 in Tuscany or 1 in CT and 2 in Tuscany would be the way I'd split my 3-4 days.  The 2-night stay I'd make at one place to get a little relaxation without car.

Good luck!