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TV licence being scrapped?

Posted by courtiot-185037 - Created: 14 years ago
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My daughter has just phoned me to say that on the French news it said the TV licence was being scrapped, it will be added onto the local tax instead, so everyone will pay.  Has anyone else heard this???

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Posted by cookies-201009 - 13 years ago

Unless you have a certificate stating you don't have the amplifier, and therefore cannot "capte" any of the herztien tv stations, then you must pay the redevance audiovisuelle. Since so many people don't pay it and it costs the governement (and therefore us) more to recover it, they are going to integrate it into the local taxes.The cost is apparently to cover the rental of the Eiffel Tower from which they emit and not to subsidize only national tv stations. Even France Télévision has ads!

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Posted by mike-179830 - 13 years ago

MikeP: gerbil is completely correct. If you own a device capable of receiving television signals (of any sort) then you have to pay the tax.

quote:But TF1/2 wants it both ways - licence fee plus endless ads.

It has nothing to do with TF1, gollum. The government taxes televison ownership, as it taxes many other things. It also contributes some funds to TF1, as it contributes funds to many other things. Unlike in the UK (where the licence fee is the direct source of the BBC's budget) there is essentially no more relationship between the tax and the funding than there is beween any other bits of government income and expenditure. 


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Posted by Nicolawade - 13 years ago

Is there any update on the TV licence being added to the tax d'habitation? I'm thinking of buying a TV for the first time and wanted to know the score.ThanksNicola

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Posted by gerbil-194494 - 14 years ago

You can read the relevant info on the television licensing laws here: http://www.ddm.gouv.fr/dossiers_thematiques/documents/redevance.htmlI don't think you'll find any mention of exclusion of PAL receivers, of only receiving non-French broadcasts, or of video recorders etc. Some French channels are now also broadcast in PAL on some satellites; in some parts of France you can only receive French television channels from satellites.It is a tax payable by the holders of any device or television sets allowing the reception of the television broadcasts. If the apparatus doen't have a tuner (which is different from having a tuner but not using it!) then it is a monitor not a receiver and can't receive broadcasts so wouldn't be covered.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 14 years ago

Does anyone know the definitive ruling applicable if you have a TV which is PAL only and therefore not able to receive French broadcasts off the air, or doesn't have a tuner (used only for SAT or VCR/DVD)

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Posted by gerbil-194494 - 14 years ago

It seems Sarkozy is hoping for 100 million € of savings by scrapping the current method of collection and also an addtional 170 million € from those currently avoiding payment (estimated at 2 million households).I thought TF1 was a private company and was under the impression it didn't receive government subsidies whereas France Televisions (France2, France3, France5) did?

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Posted by gollum-193507 - 14 years ago

I was quite happy to pay licence fee in UK, because BBC is so excellent and there are no ads. But TF1/2 wants it both ways - licence fee plus endless ads. Last year, in protest, I sent off half the fee and said I would send the rest "après un petit page de pub". I paid the other half a few weeks later.wiggly waw fish

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Posted by gerbil-194494 - 14 years ago

Nicolas Sarkozy, Minister for Finance, said on Tuesday the cutting of the "redevance audivisuelle" was not a government project but the conditions of collection would be modified next year. There will be a review of the method of the collection - which is leaning towards adding it to the tax d'habitation. There are 1400 people involved in this tax collection who could be better employed elsewhere.What he didn't say is a lot of French don't pay the tax despite having TVs (it was possible just to give a false name and address when filling in the form on buying a TV - Mickey Mouse has a lot of TVs....) so this may be a measure to make the licence fee more equitable as well. Although Sarkozy did say they would need to make sure only those with TVs paid the licence fee.