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tv licence in france

Posted by karen.snooke - Created: 13 years ago
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I haven't read all the discussions so there already may be a reply sorry!!! does anybody have any ideas on paying the tv licence? we do not watch any french tv at all because we wouldn't understand it yet !!!!we do get sky from the uk and watch english vids & dvd's . AFrench friend wrote a letter explaining this for us but a letter has still come back saying we still have to pay the 116-50 euros . Has anybody taken this further and won or is there any other way around this ? karen snooke

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Posted by mike-179830 - 13 years ago

You must pay the tax because the law requires you to do so. It is not a tax on television watching, but on television ownership. You own a TV: pay the price. That's how it works...**************

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Posted by karen.snooke - 13 years ago

Thanks to everyone for answering ,but still no sollution!!! I'am sory someone thinks we should just go ahead and pay ,because its not much money and we do live on the cda , but my husband is not on fantastic wages here , supporting five of us, to just go and throw away money for something we do not use ....it's so frustrating ,as somebody else said ,i also think they should get detector vans it would make their life here a lot easier karen snooke

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 13 years ago

In the past,  if you could prove that your TV set was not capable of receiving terrestrial French TV (ie was PAL only) you did not have to pay a licence.  The authorities had the right to inspect the TV, and sometimes did so.  I don't know if this still applies.

If you have a PAL only TV, regardless of what you use it for, I see no reason why you should have to pay a French TV licence.  Of course if France ever decides to join (most of) the rest of the world and adopt the PAL standard then this will all change.

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Posted by kjlag-193902 - 13 years ago

We had a form to fill in and send back to the licencing agency once we had purchased our TV in France.  Come on - pay the fee, it's a lot cheaper than the UK and if you get cable you can at least watch films in English as well.  For those of us Brits who live in CDz be grateful for all the other benefits associated with living here, paying to watch their TV is neither here nor there.  In point of fact I pay more down here, not much more, for the Lifestyle change than I ever did in the UK but believe me it is worth every penny in our quest to rid ourselves of the UK and all it's associated problems

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Posted by No.6 - 13 years ago

Stop Press!  Latest news is that a change to the law on TV licence collection was voted in this Tuesday - see here: http://news.tf1.fr/news/economie/0,,3075299,00.html

Basically, from 2005, the licence will be automatically collected along with your Taxe d'Habitation. People who don't have a television will need to make a claim to that effect (as now) and these exceptions will be cross-checked against cable and satellite subscribers..

Interesting!  This infers that in future if you don't subscribe to a French TV supplier, they won't be able to find you in a cross-check, but then to avoid paying you'd still have to declare on your honour that you didn't have a TV set...which wouldn't be quite true!

Maybe it's about time they invested in TV detector vans!  (I once mentioned to a French friend that the UK had these - she still thinks I was making it up!) 

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Posted by No.6 - 13 years ago

I've not seen a discussion on this point before either, so here goes!  I very much doubt whether one can avoid paying the TV licence fee by claiming that you don't watching French TV transmissions.

The legal text on TV licences can be seen via this link . It says that the householder is liable to pay the licence if (s)he has a TV set or similar equipment capable of receiving television transmissions.  Nowhere does it mention the source of those TV transmissions.  Furthermore, if you but a TV set in France, the shopowner is legally bound to record your name and address and send this to the TV licence centre - I'm pretty sure that if you claimed you weren't going to use the TV to watch French transmissions, it simply wouldn't wash - despite what your French friend thinks. 

On this basis also, if you don't have a tele but use a PC with a TV card instead, I would say that you are also liable to pay the licence fee (except that I would guess there's no procedure in place for PC component suppliers to record your name & address in such a case).