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UK Business operates in France

Posted by MrFence - Created: 14 years ago
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Where can I go to get a definitive answer. I have an established UK co. which trades in the UK, we now want to trade here running Go-Kart evenings, hiring the track for exclusive use and then letting it out to groups. We are UK VAT registered, therefore should we charge UK VAT to participants? I want to run this legitimately, but there are no full time employees, no premises and this only happens say 10 times per year. Can anyone help?




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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

Yes if a UK co trades sporadicallly outside the UK, it should charge UK VAT to non VAT registered people.  If it deals with a French company it should not charge VAT at all but it should put the French Co's VAT number on the invoice.

The French co pays the French VAT in France, and claims it back in one operation.


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Posted by Rouretan - 14 years ago

Isn't this what being European is all about and why we must all vote in the forthcoming elections.....

Although some will pretend otherwise; as far as I understand you can run a company from anywhere in the EU; as long as you pay tax on personal earnings where you are resident.