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Unaccompanied 13 year olds in Nice?

Posted by Carolina1 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Tinker-186005 - 16 years ago

"When in doubt don't" which is why you asked the question in the first place, Nice is probably one of the lovliest places, let them have the fun but send a young adult with them, someone who knows the area they will have much more fun, than following Grannies map etc and a lot less stressful for everyone.


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Posted by Reno-182716 - 16 years ago

Thank you Carolina for the extra details.... Which confirm my earlier post: they speak French and will be using public transportation in day time, and will be together. Also, they will not be wandering aimlessly, but going places such as museum or malls (I gather). As long as they have a cell phone and stick together, if they're responsible girls, I really don't see what all this fuss is about.

Obviously, each case and child is different and many factors should be taken into consideration. The only thing I know for sure, is that Nice is safe during the daytime (helpful people and police everywhere). If kids want to get in trouble, they will, no matter what. If they're responsible, they're at no risk whatsoever.




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Posted by Carolina1 - 16 years ago

A few more details....

They are not my children one is my niece. They also do speak French and will have a programme for every day, however they will be using public transport.

Thanks for comments so far!


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Posted by voorrob - 16 years ago

Dear Coolas,

I'm not saying these girls should or should not be allowed to come here.  Please note that I never said, "there is nothing wrong."  You are making assumptions regarding what is being said, why it is being said and who is saying it (must me men!).  This goes directly to the point I was making.

People are inferring that these 3 girls are ignorant to danger, irresponsible, immature, will be wandering aimlessly, and speak no French.  Perhaps some of your inferences are correct and perhaps some of these others are as well.  If these descriptions are accurate, the girls in question should not be allowed to take this trip.

Most of us don't know any of the girls or many of the facts surrounding this situation.  The original posting said, "My friend wants to send three thirteen year old girls to spend a week in Nice and surrounding area."  This is very vague and provides no information for us to form a proper opinion.

Again, I ask, whose girls does she want to send?  This is a decision for people who know these girls and can make a judgement as to their maturity levels.  MOST 13 year olds would not have the maturity to be left alone in this situation, but who are we to decide that NO 13 year old is responsible enough?  I was 13 and my sister 14 when we were declared emmancipated minors and we fared for ourselves.  We worked to support ourselves, got good educations, never did drugs or got in trouble with the law.  It's rare, but it happens that some children are responsible!

My point simply, This decision is up to the parents of these girls.  Yes, we should all be concerned about the welfare of our fellow man and especially children, but get the facts before you judge.


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Posted by ejf-189755 - 16 years ago

Who says these girls are going to be “aimlessly roaming the streets of Nice” there are plenty of things these girls can do to keep themselves occupied ie. beach, visiting nearby towns, swimming, rollerblading, shopping, cinema, etc…..the list is endless….

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I’m sure they’d learn a lot from the experience and would be responsible enough to know when they are in danger, you can’t keep these girls wrapped up in cotton wool forever…..

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Posted by coolas - 16 years ago

I'll bet that the three people here who have said 'nothing wrong with the idea' are all men?

St. George - your children grew up a long time ago.  Times have changed.  And I'll bet they didn't come down and spend a week here by themselves at 13 - so they wandered around for the day - but their parents were close by, no?

Voorrob - I've also lived in NYC - as recently as two years ago - and whilst I don't think there's any imminent danger, I wouldn't have my 13 year old wandering the streets aimlessly for a week at a time - an afternoon maybe, if we talked about going somewhere specific, but a week?  Absolutely not.  Just because they might not get raped and murdered doesn't mean it's appropriate.  Ever seen a film called 'Kids' about New York kids of 12 and 13 contracting AIDS?

Come-on guys - there's plenty of time for independence and adventure - I'm all for it, but safety and structure should figure into the equation and again a whole week of unsupervised roaming is totally inappropriate.  But hey, maybe this is just me being a prude - but I think people who know me would howl with laughter at that assumption. 



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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

There really isn't any risk for 13 year olds in Nice & I agree with Reno. And 3 of them to boot !! Fear of Johnny Foreigner has just switched the alarm bells on unecessarily . Both my daughters grew up down here - the problems of boys & scooters started when they were 16 , not 13 !



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Posted by voorrob - 16 years ago

When you say your friend wants to send three thirteen year old girls, and that they will be staying with their grandparents, are they triplets?  Whose girls are these?  Is one of them your daughter?

I think it is important for each parent to decide for themselves if they think that their daughter(s) are mature enough.  If your daughter is one of these girls, then you should decide how you feel about her going.  The other parents should know their children well enough to decide for themselves.

Some people have mentioned that these girls don't speak the language.  I think they are making assumptions.  When I was that age, I went to Spain for 9 days.  We had adults with us in the evenings and on special tours, but other than that we were on our own.  I had studied Spanish for three years at that point and it was fantastic to be able to practice it in real life situations and to experience another culture.

I lived in an American suburb, but from the time I was seven years old, my father often took me into New York City and while he worked I walked around the city without an escort.

Children live, go to school, and socialize everywhere and if it's our home town, we think it's safe.  If it's somewhere else, oh, it's not safe for children.  There are thirteen year olds and there are thirteen year olds.  Age and maturity are two different things.  The question shouldn't be about their age, but about their maturity and the wishes of their parents.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

I let my kids wander about Cannes when they were 13, and I dont see Nice as any different.  I also let them take the plane by themselves to visit the grandparents.  If they are mature enough to look before crossing the road, find their way home and so on, they ought to be allowed to go to the beach or the cinema or whatever on their own.

Of course there is always a risk that they might be abducted by a pervert, hit by a meteor or swept away by a freak tsunami, but I dont think the risks are higher in Nice than anywhere else (except perhaps for the tsunami). 

Kids in France can ride a moped when they are 14, and kids anywhere are perfectly capable of using public transport at 10-13 if you explain how it works, especially girls.

It might be useful to carry a map with their address marked on it, so that bus drivers or policemen can help them if they get lost. 

I remember that my parents let wander about places at that age on our foreign holidays and it was all great adventure.


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Posted by fidav - 16 years ago

As soon as I read Reno's mail the Soham thing came to my mind: 2 girls, with cell phones, in bright red tops, in a small village were drawn in by a man they 'knew' ... imagine in the whole city of Nice, not speaking the language ....

No - I think it's crazy! 16 maybe, 13 not! I am very happy for kids to have independence and grow up and all that but do it in your home town where you know the lay out, know the language, probably even know the people and your folks are close by if needed!

don't do it .....