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Unemployed, under 25 - entitled to the RMI benefit

Posted by dilys-191303 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by jast - 16 years ago

Thanks Madcat - I'll try the CAF, my student base is slowly building, so something that is flexible from month to month would suit.  I see the ASSEDIc at the beginning of each month to let them know how my earnings are creeping up, I find them very helpful.  I just need a little assistance whilst I'm also supporting my daughter.

Thanks once again


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Posted by madcat - 16 years ago

Hello, me again, have you thought about going to the CAF - Caisse D'assurance Familiale?  You could be entitled to a contribution to your rent, aide au logement.  Go and see them, take all your admin papers with you i.e. ID, rent cheques, gas bill bla bla and explain your case to them - you don't make an appointment, you just turn up, take a ticket and wait until an adviser can see you.  Could be worth a try. madcat

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Posted by madcat - 16 years ago

The RMI is about 350 euros a month - and it's quite possible your daughter is not entitled to it.  The Assédic are the people to ask.  As for you, I'm afraid if you earn a salary of any sort you're not entitled to RMI.  RMI being Ressource Minimum d'Insertion - i.e. for those no longer entitled to chommage and trying to find work.  This course idea sounds good though.  However nice the French system is, too many people have been exploiting it and they're cracking down now.  But at least paid courses is still something not many European countries can provide.  This could be a blessing in disguise.  Damn it's tough being skint, especially in the Riviera!madcat

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Posted by coolas - 16 years ago

I have a young friend of 20 who is currently studying French through the anpe and is being paid for it - about 350E a month.  I suspect if your daughter signs on for some sort of course with them, she would get some kind of stipend like the one I've mentioned.  It's not loads of money, but it's better than nothing and she'll have the opportunity to learn and get paid for it.

Best of luck.