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Unexpected Charges

Posted by snow_leopard - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by AudreyM-183195 - 16 years ago

You have my sympathies.  We have bought two houses on the Riviera and both times this happened.  With regard to our latest purchase, one year and two months later we are still waiting for the extra money we had to pay "just in case there are any problems" to be released to us.   Several months ago the notare advised that the property still had not been registered and only once this was done would we receive our cash.   So this week I sent a letter demanding my money or an explanation.   

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Posted by the_geezer - 16 years ago

As far as notaire's fees, and the French government's ludicrously greedy claim for purchase taxes, are concerned, it IS sometimes difficult to get an accurate final figure.

These taxes depend on the property (how big is it, does it have a pool etc) and where it is. These variables go into a closely guarded calculation bestowed upon notaires (and I think basically no one else).

It is not advisable to expect a bank to be privvy to this information and thus to accurately calculate this figure. Only your notaire can do that.

The benefit is you can sometime in the months to come expect to receive a surprise rebate.

Apart from that, you now have to sit on your property for at least five years in the hope that you can financiall recoup some of your hard earned cast that government ministers will use over the next few years for their family holidays in Guadeloupe.


The Geezer