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unlocking a mobile phone

Posted by unclebuck-261169 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by alsyfra-307908 - 4 years ago




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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 6 years ago

It is a little bit Franglais in street speak "de-SIMlock"
Typically in non-technical French, you'd say "Mon téléphone est bloqué sur le réseau SFR. Je voudrais le debloquer s'il vous plait"

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Posted by brina-308292 - 6 years ago

On this topic, does anyone know what unlocking is called in French? I have been meaning to go to SFR to do this for a while, but I'm not sure what to say.

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Posted by soundsalike - 6 years ago

Iphone 3g. I have been struggling for over a month to try to unlock having completed my SFR contract. The method described by SFR via I tunes does not work... I have a MAC by the way.I have bought a download which claims to do the trick..... Nooooo! now having to buy pay as you go SFR so as to use the phone with a FREE sim sitting here... any ideas?

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Posted by ChB-184121 - 6 years ago

As Christopher said, all you do is call or go into Orange and ask for the code and they Have to give it to you. When you bought your phone, they registered it on their system, and they will be able to tell you the method to unlock it. With my SFR phone, they gave me a number to text to to request the code, and it was sorted in a couple of days. No need to pay someone to do it for you, unless the phone is not locked on Orange and/or you have just bought a used phone from someone.

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Posted by unclebuck-261169 - 6 years ago

Sorry for the confusion. Basically I have an orange contract thats a fortune, so I have just ordered a Free sim and I intend to drop my contract to the lowest tarrif until the contract ends.. I do have quiet a few mobiles, some new kicking around but they will probably need unlocking to work on the free sim card.. I actually saw on ebay they will sell you a code for certain phones to unlock, but who knows if this would work. Thanks for the repllies, and thanks for the place in Nice Christopher, do you have any idea what they charge and how long..

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Posted by Floridian-312987 - 6 years ago

French law is 3 months for the operator to unlock a phone 4 free. Used 2 b 6 months. Something good from Brussels..

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 6 years ago

I get so many people asking me to do this and it can be super tricky depending on the model - quasi-impossible on the latest iPhone 4S for example.
Te easiest and best way is to get the SIM lock operator to give you the code that you enter to unlock. It may seem obvious but I mention this because several people who asked me to help in unlocking their phones, were able to do it with a simple call to their operator.
But if you are still in early period of your rental, your operator won't be very helpful or you may have bought a cheap 2nd hand phone to find it is SIM locked. In that case you need help of a specialist. I tried a few and found these guys reliable;
GSM Store Nice2 ter rue Spitalieri0493 271 130gsmstore06@gmail.com
They are just behind Nice Etoile.