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unlocking iphones

Posted by axasxm - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by chb55 - 7 years ago

once your Iphone is jailbroken, it is easy to unlock it, but you will need to jailbreak it first - I used redsnow for mine - then you can do almost anything with it including installing independent apps that are not approved by Apple . sometimes, depending on which upgrades you have applied, you might be limited to a tethered jailbreak, which means you have to plug it into your computer to restart it if you switch it off, but this inot much of a problem unless you forget, turn it off when instructed on a plane then realise you have the wrong laprop with you to re-start it. so just keep it switched on!

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Posted by cupplet - 7 years ago

My geeky son says you can buy an unlock code off the internet (he's done it a few times for other types of phones) but the problem comes the next time you update the software when it will probably lock again !


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Posted by axasxm - 7 years ago

F. Debrin, Cupplet

Thanks guys for your reply...appreciated your effort.

Unfortunately my Iphone is locked from a service provider abroad.

Ok will take note of your recommendations as well.

Have a good day!





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Posted by cupplet - 7 years ago

My iPhone was supplied by Orange and they will allow you to apply for unblocking on-line. It was all very simple but you need to have had the phone on contract for a minimump eriod of time - I think it might have been 6 months.

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Posted by F.Drebin - 7 years ago

If you bought the phone through an operator, Bouygues, Orange, SFR etc... You can ask your operator to unblock the phone for you. As long as you have had the phone for a certain amount of time, I think 3 months, they are obliged to do this for free.

You will have to give your operator the IMEI number of the phone, you can find this by dialing *#06#

Process depends on the operator but should take no longer than 5 days. For the Iphone you will have to connect to Itunes in order to complete the process once the operator has unblocked the phone.