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Vallauris' reputation

Posted by irie - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by irie - 5 years ago

Thanks to everyone for their input ... I guess I should go see for myself ... however judging by the comments I read here and the negative response from nearly everyone I talked to about it I think I just won't bother. There are so many great places around so I'll just go and pick another one! :)


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Posted by una oliver - 5 years ago

I have spent a lot of holidays in Vallauris and still do, never had a problem!  It is a quiet town and during summer months it is better there than on the coast due to crowds, traffic, etc.  I agree with other contributers it is in a good position for travelling into the countryside and doing the coast line. Go to visit and decide yourself and not make decision on hearsay.

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Posted by vaniouska - 5 years ago

I live in Vallauris since I moved to France 13 years ago. It is not paradise, but it is not so terrible as many people say. Up to now, and keeping my finger crossed, I never had any problem. i live walking distance from the old town I enjoy the daily little market on the square 'lhomme au mouton". It is a small village, very good located and not so expecise as other places closer to the coast.

I think the best thing is to see yourself , the judgment is based always on our personal experience and needs.


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Posted by magsk-214612 - 5 years ago

I lived on the outskirts in an apt building in Vallauris for several years and left over a year ago. I met some wonderful French friends in Vallauris, all of whom have left or are trying to sell and move. The town has so much potential (location, history) but there are a lot of problems in the town: a mairie not interested in helping small businesses survive/thrive; a large population of young men with no jobs and no job prospects who don't have much to do all day; and a very divided community.  When we were there it could be difficult to find a restaurant open at night during the week.

Things I liked about it: the location was good and there were a lot of artists in town so it was easy to be involved in the arts.

I'm fairly well-travelled and have seen some rough places in my life, but I just got tired of being cat called and hassled in the street, and I was tired of the senseless hostilities and fighting I regularly saw between guys with nothing better to do. I also didn't like living that close to so many people, but that's just me. Once the locals see you live there and get to know you a bit, they tend to be pretty cool with you, but it takes a long time. The funny thing is that everyone says there's a lot of crime there, but I think some criminals live there but tend to do the crime in other communities!

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Posted by M.Michel - 5 years ago

Please forget Vallauris , was a very good place but long time ago , very unsecure now .


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Posted by JJ-183649 - 5 years ago

Spend some time there yourself over a few days, much better, or at least as valid, as 'hearsay'....FYI, my input would be negative