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Vegetable Gardening tips?

Posted by KJH-197112 - Created: 13 years ago
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Any tips for a beginner vegetable gardener? books, local stores, etc.I'm very much a beginner when it comes to gardening but my apartment here in Vence came with a small patch of garden and I'd like to take advantage of the Riviera sunshine to plant some veggies. In particular, some tips on what to plant this time of year, any good local stores for asking questions, must-read books, etc.Thanks,Kevin Hilman

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Posted by lulu-183463 - 13 years ago

hi! here's a tiny article if you were interested in [url="http://www.phelios.com/sd/archives/apr04.html"]growing herbs in your garden[/url]. there are some book suggestions there too. happy planting. L

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Posted by JillyBennett-181429 - 13 years ago

Hi Kevin, My bible for gardening in the south of France is Heidi Gildemeister's Mediterranean Gardening, a Waterwise Approach. Essential reading, I'd say, before you plant a thing. However, it's not a vegetable gardening book but one that explains how to garden in our dry and dormant summers. I don't know shops in your area but often it is wise to ask in a local shop as they know what varieties of tomatoes, beans etc do well in local conditions. Most importantly tho, get the soil right first. Check the quality and if it's sandy and stony like mine, for instance, you'll need to add sacks of good things and certainly you'll need to mulch after planting. Apart from that, there are several big garden centres on the Route de Digne, going out from Nice - both just before Carrefour. I particularly like Petrucciolli and you should get good advice there. I've often seen locals stocking up on young veggie plants at Petruccioli. There is also Castelli which you pass a little earlier, along the same road - both on the right going towards Carrefour. Hope this is helpful and happy gardening and more to the point, happy eating! There really is nothing like a home-grown tomato, is there? Or young broad beans eaten raw. Yummy. Jilly Bennett