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Posted by kikimiki - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Cille-193638 - 16 years ago

Hi Kiki,I've been to Venice a couple of times as a tourist, once in August at the hight of the tourist season (which was too hot, too smelly and too crowded) and also last Easter weekend. It was a really nice time to go as it wasn't really that crowded, you could still get away from the crowds and the days were generally nice and warm. We stayed at Villa Ada (http://www.onlinehotelsbooking.com/villa_ada_hotel_112163.html) on the Lido which is one of the islands surrounding 'central' Venice. It was a lovely hotel and it made a really nice 15 minute journey on the ferry to the touristy areas every morning.There's tons to see in Venice, and as it's not a big place it's fun to get your good walking shoes on and spend the days 'getting' lost whilst exploring as much as you can. Make sure you carry a map with you though as there are many bridges and piazzas that look very similar.On a sunny day as a treat it's lovely to sit at one of the many outdoor cafes surrounding the Piazza San Marco drinking a glass of prosecco and just watching the world go by. There is an added charge for sitting outside, so keep that in mind. I can recommend buying the Venice card (http://www.venicecard.com/cose_eng.jsp) which allows you entry to some of the museums and free travel on public transport. When you're tired of walking, find a pier and wait for the waterbus (vaporetti) to take you to your next destination. You can also take a vaporetti to Murano which is the island where the glass blowers are. You can visit the island in the morning and be back at San Marco by lunchtime. Venice is one of those places that no matter how many times you go, you will always discover something new. I hope you have as lovely time in Venice as I normally do. Buon viaggio!Cille

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Posted by kikimiki - 16 years ago

no as a tourist kiki

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Posted by gordygrk2-184034 - 16 years ago

Are u going on business or as a tourist?gordy

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Posted by Lisa_C - 16 years ago

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