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Very nice pub meal

Posted by jjoepage - Created: 14 years ago
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Lets face it, the food is great in CdA, but once in a while you just want a good ol' hearty pub meal.  Where to get one?  I'll tell my favorite if you tell yours.  Me, I like 'Cafe Brun' in Biot.  If you haven't been, you missing a worthy visit.  It's at the top of the village just a few steps away from the hard turn in the road.  Lots of parking down below in the public lot.  When I am really hungry, I head that way.  Very satisfying.  Jim is the boss, say hi when you go in; he's always there.Its all good

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Posted by andypoc-192739 - 14 years ago

Totally agree i have been going to the Cafe Brun for years now - Jim pours a good beer!