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Posted by lynnettejane1 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by steveB-186247 - 17 years ago

Hello, lynetteThere are quite a few Brits who live in and around Villefranche but who work or travel and maybe do npt spend time in Internet forums. Anyway, I live and own property in Villefranche and I can advise that it is not easy to get integrated if you don't speak french.As regards things to see and do, you can join the Tennis players (just come for a chat if you don't want to play).(See the message Tennis anyone? in Sports section, for AIM tennis which has several members from Villefranche.)Of course, the beach is very popular, for walking and fresh air, etc. (And swimming when the weather is a bit warmer.)The church (in the centre of the old town) is much bigger inside than it appears, and has some lovely paintings and is calm and secluded. Otherwise, you can always call in to the Tourist office (or send them an e-mail) to find out more, or talk to people in any of the bars around the Hotel Welcome.I hope that this note is of interest, and that you find some information that you are seeking.Stevesjbcontact:(office)mc97977183

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Posted by Cabbie-182008 - 17 years ago


I don't live in Villefranche (I live in Nice), but I know a Finnish couple who live there.

Restaurants - Le Carpaccio on the front is great, good food, special meal out type of place. Also been to a little pizza/pasta place in a square somewhere in the old town which was very good value for money - sorry can't be more specific.

Bars - I've heard that Chez Net behind the Hotel Welcome is supposed to be very good. I think it's run by an Aussie. Not been there myself, but have tried to find it. Also, the bar on the beach front is ok for a sit in the sun with a glass of beer/wine. One of the waiters is friendly and remembers faces.