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Posted by kjlag-193902 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by kjlag-193902 - 16 years ago

Thanks to my first respondant, I may be green but I am not that daft.  Of course I have been to Carrefour and yes they offer a wide variety at reasonable prices.  Thanks to the other replies I shall take a look around.

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

Also highly recommended is Domaine de L'Abbaye at Le Luc - some absolutely divine rosés and whites - also the Luberon isn't far away - Chateau de Val Joannis - their 'griottes ' 2001 is a must if they have any left !



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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

What nonsense ! There are some perfectly acceptable table wines in this region and not just in the Var ! Who on earth wants to drink a heavy full bodied Bordeaux with the local fish platters ? Some Bandol rosés and reds are superb and tailor made for this climate ! Bellet is pricy because of its limited production and doesn't travel either , but is excellent with the cuisine Niçoise - this region never set out to produce AOC wines in the first place - just something pleasant to drink with the répas !?




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Posted by J-François - 16 years ago

I can't believe some people dare say there is nothing good in this area when Le Var makes the best Rosé in France for example.

Bordeaux is not the only good wine on earth !!

For a very fair price and excellent quality you'll find many local vineyards :

Saint Jeannet (excellent white 2000), many Crus Classés in Le Var : Château de Sel in Taradeau, Château de Bregançon in Bormes les Mimosas, Clos Mireille in La Londe, Château Roubine in Lorgues...

You can also try La Maison des Vins in Les Arcs, they've got an excellent selection.

Corsica also offers very good wines.

It's high time to organise some wine tasting here.

The best is to try by yourself and make your own selection.

Enjoy it...

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Posted by Sweet thing - 16 years ago

there's nothing decent 'round here - drive to Bordeaux or Burgundy or into Italy.

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Posted by danonimes-184717 - 16 years ago

Duh, try Carrefour. They have wines of all qualities, and prices.Guess you're new to a lot of things.