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visiting Americans need temporary mobile phone

Posted by rosetta-185721 - Created: 14 years ago
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Is it possible to hire a mobile for a month? I haven't heard of it, but I have friends visiting from the USA for a month and they wanted to get temporary local mobile phones. I just got a mobile myself and needed an EDF bill/rentral agreement and my passport, so I know that getting a "normal" mobile on a short contract is out of the question!

Any ideas? Not sure why they don't just bring their own mobiles and keep the chat down, but thought I'd check here before suggesting that in case there is another option.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 14 years ago

You can buy a pay-as-you-go phone online for 79E at http://www.boutique.bouyguestelecom.fr

When they have finished with it you could probably flog it on AngloInfo for 30E.



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Posted by szozu - 14 years ago

Yes, but is showing ID and proof of address (somewhere) the same thing as an EDF bill that verifies an address in France? I suppose that the answer to this question can be found at one's neighbourhood mobile vendor.

Anyway, for Americans who travel a lot, it's perhaps best to buy an unblocked GSM-capable phone (available on the internet) and then buy the appropriate SIM card.

For international business people there is a Nextel phone (a bit clunky last time I looked) that one can use anywhere and still retain the same phone number, though it's a bit expensive to use. There may be other options at this point in time, but that was the best solution several years ago.

http://www.thetravelinsider.info/2002/0308.htm explains the quagmire of international compatability in a lucid manner and is useful for arriving at a solution.


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Posted by mike-179830 - 14 years ago

You do need to prove ID/address when getting a pay-as-you go telephone (in my experience), and with cellular handsets being used (e.g.) to trigger the Madrid bombs, that's probably no bad thing...

For companies that rent handsets see:


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Posted by szozu - 14 years ago

For one thing, most US phones do not use the same system,. There are a few GSM networks like Voicestream in the US--but even then, you would need a dual or tri-band phone in order to use the same phone in Europe as the frequency is different.

It is possible to rent a phone here, but I believe it's pretty expensive. Whenever the subject is broached n travel forums the recommendation is generally to buy a cheap phone here that uses a pay-as-you-go card. I don't think you need anything like an EDF bill for that, as it does not entail a contract.