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Wanadoo and spam

Posted by Paul Carmel-190537 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

The Nigerian economy has benefitted from this fraud to the extent of billions of dollars.  As a result the government has done little to actively discourage it, although they wanted to be seen to be doing something about it.

In fairness,  the majority of the scammers who say they are government officials aren't,  and there are steps in progress to tighten up on these nefarious activities.  The result will only be that they will move across the very porous borders of Africa.

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Posted by Paul Carmel-190537 - 16 years ago

Thank you for that, Having such a common name has never made me so popular!

Is there any particular reason why Nigeria is the hot bed for a lot of this spam?



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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

It is unlkely that Wanadoo has sold your address to spammers as it would indeed not be legal. However, spammers (or, rather, the companies that supply addresses to spammers - there's whole food-chain here) can deduce many e-mail addresses with a brute-force approach which goes roughly like this:

If you send off e-mails to everyone from jane0001 to jane9999 at the TLD of your choice (this example would work particularly well with a very large Webmail supplier or ISP...) the odds are that you will get many bounces, but a few hundred - ven a few thousand - that don't bounce. Those are therefore valid e-mail addresses and can be sold on.

Equally, if you know that Wanadoo's default format for email addresses is firstname.surname@... then you fire off a few million e-mails that combine the world's most poular few hundred first names with the top few thousand surnames. The non-bounces are legit addresses, so get sold. And you get your spam.